ocal Snacks 风味小吃生活英语情景对话

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  Dialogue 情景对话1:

  W:I'm hungry,let's go to the snack bar.

  M:OK, what new usual food do you want to try?

  W:I'm going to try gartergater.

  M:What's that?

  W:It's a kind of rice ball that make of Malaysia, what about you?

  M:I don't know, I don't knowwhat most food here is.

  W:Do you want noodles, vegetables, rice, meat ,seafood, bean or dessert.

  M:I'd like to have some vegetables first.

  W:Have you ever tryed tempera?

  M:No, what is it?

  W:It's deep fryed vegetables which is coming in Japan.

  M:What do you use to eat it?

  W:Most people eat tempera with chopsticks, but you can use fork if you don't know how to use chopsticks.

  M:That sounds good, do you know here serve any vegetables dishes that spicy?

  W:Let me think, you could get vegetable Indian or Thaicurry.

  M:I'll try all of those, how do know so much about international food?

  W:I used to buy lunch everyday for international food stores at school, everyday is an inventure.

  Dialogue 情景对话2:

  M:It's time for desserts, are you still hungry?

  W:I've always got real to something sweet.

  M:What are you going to try first?

  W:I've never tryed traditional Greek yoghurt, so I want to try that first.

  M:Is this yoghurt with anything?

  W:I believe that locally prejuce honey to it.

  M:That sounds good, I'm going to start with the Italian tilmisue.

  W:Do you want to try some my yoghurt, It's a favor everyday dessert in Greece.


  W:What do you think, how does it taste?

  M:It's nice, but it's rather plain, do you want to try my tilmisue?

  W:Sure, I'll just buy it.

  M:What do you think, does it taste good?

  W:It's absolutely delicious, that's the best tilmisue I've had.

  M:I'm glad you like it, I don't care for it, when I to finish my tilmisue, that I can try one of those fryed bananas.

  W:OK, I've had ones before, they are very sweet.

  M:Do you know where are they from?

  W:I believe that the local garlic in the south.

  M:Do you want me to get you want to?

  W:Yeah, why not, we vert the pig does it is.

  M:OK, I'll be back with two try bananas in few minutes, wait for me here.

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