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My name is Liu _ _ _. Because of the name, I used to call myself "the queen of stars" on the internet". Do not think that I am too arrogant, because the stars themselves are ordinary and shining, so I like them. Of course, I wish I could be one of many stars. If one day you meet a girl called star dance on the Internet, it must be me -- 11 years old, monkey, virgo......

Of course, I have with the stars very ordinary appearance: big eyes, but very bright; neither tall nor short nose; not too big or too small mouth; white skin, a not too long or too short tail pigtail, high up in the back of my head, flash flash, very naughty......

I have a wide range of hobbies, such as music, microcomputer, Mathematical Olympiad, english...... Well, there's one more thing you can't think of! Let me tell you, it's cosmic exploration - Stonehenge, crop circles, aliens, for example...... In a word, I like everything that is unknown.

I particularly like music, since I was 6 years old, I began play the piano, less than nine years old, I was out of the piano six. When I played Mendelsohn's "Venice" Barcarolle, I feel like being in a ripple on the surface of the boat, the silence, the moonlight shines down, like scattered on the surface of mercury, flash, beautiful......

I also played the love guitar. I took two lessons and I started to play chords. I have learned many beautiful songs such as "years ago", "walking", "Red River Valley", "childhood" and so on......

You ask me why I love music so much, but I don't know. But when I was in the music melody, I felt great enjoyment.

I also like the Olympic math because it can develop my intelligence and keep my head spinning. A difficult problem is like a castle, although it is difficult to overcome, but as long as I use my head, you can feel the joy of success.

Of course, the United States and China must have shortcomings, and my inadequacies are very careless, every day looking for things at home, today.


Hello everybody, my name is _×, from "good poetry good painting landscapes, rural music hometown accent the United States, a Dragon Boat Melody, wrap around Dongting North. Confluence of two rivers, three towns Kingdoms, nine provinces" in Wuhan. Yellow Crane Tower is not enough to stand tall pro, not enough to see the Riverside grass Parrot Island, sing enough causeway gallery shop is beautiful, love is not enough to swing a gentle blue Lake.

Home is not only beautiful, but also profound. But Feng Yan Hui century, opened the annals of the years, the beautiful River City, gave birth to the number of ethnic elites, revolutionary predecessors; how many handed down to write poems, immortal hymn. At her side, the Revolution's triumph over the feudal monarchy barb last a crown; in her chest, the proletariat Flaring hammer strikes bore steel flower iron fire. Mighty Yangtze ah, yes most authoritative witness the history of Chinese modern revolution. Freshmen introduce themselves

Look endless vicissitudes there is superimposed, endless talk, where the weight of history, Jiang Liu were set to go that cut the number of unyielding cry, how much the land had immortal souls submerged. There have been thousands of Gufanyuanying melancholy drift away, there had been intense gunfire sounded destroy the monarchy. The people there had Allure dispatched, and the country to usher in new life together; where people have full of pride, joy surging tide of reform. Today, where the earth is fruitful, where the sky is blue sky thousands of miles, then my lovely home - Wuhan Wuchang City.

Fellow teachers, students! My narrative, allowing you to try it? I painted, allowing you to feel excited? Welcome to my hometown to be a guest, you are welcome to visit the River City views.






My name is _x. I am graduate from _ senior high school and major in _. There are _ people in my family. My father works in a computer company. And my mother is a housewife. I am the youngest one in my family.

In my spare time, I like to read novels. I think reading could enlarge my knowledge. As for novels, I could imagine whatever I like such as a well-known scientist or a kung-fu master. In addition to reading, I also like to play PC games. A lot of grownups think playing PC games hinders the students from learning. But I think PC games could motivate me to learn something such as English or Japanese.My favorite course is English because I think it is interesting to say one thing via different sounds. I wish my English could be improved in the next four years and be able to speak fluent English in the future.


Good morning,ladies and gentlemen. I am Leo from Guangzhou Zhengxin International School. I am a sunny boy. My family love me and I love them too. My mom works very hard every day. She comes home very late in the evening. Do you know how to help the parents at home? Let me tell you about that.


Usually my dad cooks for us. Sometimes I help my dad to wash the vegetables. Sometimes I set the table. I always wash the dishes when we finish eating. After I finish my homework I often water the flowers. I also look after my pet fish. I feed the fish before I go to bed.


I really enjoy helping my parents at home. Do you think I am a helpful boy? I think so! Thank you! 我很喜欢帮助爸爸妈妈去做事,你觉得我是一个好帮手吗?我想我是!谢谢!


my name is laura,i come from shao yang,hu nan province.i graduated from high school in zhao qing,guangdong province,i have live there six years,i am seventeen years old.i like reading and sports.my favourite sport is playing basketball.i am an active one and my personality should be described as a word you know from my hometown,hu nan province,that is hot or spicy.




My name is Winnie.Im a 15 years old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.

Im an active,lovely and clever girl.In the school,my favourite subject is maths.Perhaps someone thinks its difficult to study well.But I like it.I belive that if you try your best,everything can be done well.

I also like sports very much.Such as,running,volleyball and so on.

Im kind-hearted. If you need help,please come to me .

I hope we can be good friends!

OK.This is me .A sunny girl.