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My mother was my first teacher. All the memories of my childhood are in one way or another connected with mother. I can still remember clearly the days when she told me stories, played games with me and taught me simple maths.

Mother has some good qualities. As a primary school teacher, she is kind to all her students. And she love her work.I have seen her working at her desk late at night when I wake up many times. She is a responsible teacher. As her daughter I also learn a lot from her. She is indeed a good mother.

I love my mother. And I want to be a person like my mother.





My mother is an ordinary teacher. She always puts her students before everything. She is nothing different from other people at the first sight. But later you will find that she is so responsible. In my mind, she is very great. On weekends, she always prepare the class at home. Sometimes she even ask the students to come to our house for remediation for free. All her students like her. Sometimes I almost envy her students. Luckily, my mother also very care about me. she puts all her time on our family and her students, leaving nothing for herself. She is so great, and I proud of her; and I love her.

我的妈妈是一个普通的老师。她总是把她的学生放在最重要的位置。乍一看,她和别的人没有什么不一样的。 但后来你会发现她是如此有责任心。在我的心目中,她是很伟大的。周末的时候她总是在家里备课。有时候她甚至叫学生到我们家来免费补课。她的学生都很喜欢她。有时候我都差点要嫉妒她的学生了。幸好我慢慢还是很关心我的。她把她所有的时间都花在我们家和她的学生身上,却不给自己留一丁点时间。她是如此的伟大,我为她感到骄傲;我爱她。


Seeing the title,many stories about my mother are flooding in my head!

Mum is fourty years old and acts as an ordinary office worker in a company. She is my first teacher in my life and also is one of my best freinds. When I was young,Mum always stayed beside me and taught me how to walk and how to say "Hello" to others. Step by step, I could walk without anyone's help and speak fluently.Mum is kindly and quite easy to get on well with her. I can not forget those nightgs when Mum sat next to my bed and read stories to me. It is the stories that made me understand how to be a good people .

Mum has many hobbies. She likes watching TV while weaving cloth, also she is interested in climbing mountains. Frequently all my family will have a rest on a hill at weekends. She loves sportsso that she stayed at home all days for the 2008 Olympic Games.In my memory, grape is her favourite fruit. She often told us that grape is full of nutrition.

There are too much I want to say,but I think the best way to show my love to Mum is love her forever!






My mom is 38 years old mow,she has a pair of pitch-black eyes and hair. She doesn't look very beautiful and tender,but her nose looks nice and she's a little bit fat.When I take a good look at her,I can see her winkle which was appeared by concerning about me. Besides,there has already accrued some white hair.I suppose it is.Maybe my mom is just a normal person in other's eyes ,but in my heart,she is a great mom.



My mother is very good at predicting the day the baby will come. Sometimes my mother will not get enough sleep if the babies come late at night or early in the morning. There are special rooms for the mother and baby, and usually they stay at the doctor's house about twenty-four hours. We always like to see the new babies get their first bath because they look so red and small. All the village people know and trust my mother because she is such a quiet, kind, and experienced friend of theirs.


Her hair was bright, her eyes were clear and her eyes were clear, and her nose was more attractive than her. This is my mother. She not only has unique beauty, but also has a heart that loves me.

When I was a child, I was often sick because of poor nutrition. Remember when he was seven years old of a winter, it was snowing heavily, I got sick, a fever to 39 degrees, while I was still in grandmother home, grandmother is broken immediately give me to take medicine, can burn is not to go back. So grandma called the mother, mother immediately brave the snow to catch up, mother came after that he kept busy, night passed my fever is gone, look at mom her eyes no longer strong, but a dim colorless. I asked my mother if she had anything to do, and my mother shook her head and gave me the temperature. As a result, grandma said that the mother had a fever that day.

I was lost...

This is the mother who is selfless to me, caring for me and caring for me.






My mother is a teacher of primary school. She teaches in countryside, and there are only several teachers in her school. Therefore, except for math, she also teaches Chinese and music. My mother is a good teacher and she is popular among her students. She cares every student in her class, both in study and life. Her class seems to be relaxed and lively, but students can learn a lot from her. To some extend, she is strict to her students. When they make mistakes in study, she would point it out directly and tells the student correct it by himself or herself firstly. If they can’t, my mother helps them at last. Besides the study, my mother is a good teacher in life. She focuses on healthy growth of her students. So she always cares about their life. No matter what happens to them, she is ready to listen and help.