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It seems we are living in the conflict between modern and traditional cultures every day. Hearing the blaring of horns the moment you step out of your house, seeing the so called "pop" the moment you open your eyes, you can't help thinking, "Will the traditional culture be gradually lost?"

Many people believe so. They may put right in front of you all the evidences they can dig out. They may argue that people are rushing to restaurants instead of cooking at home, listening to pop music but not traditional, wearing in a way people couldn't imagine ten years ago. Modern people like the air of freedom, not to be restrained by traditions. They offer this long list, only trying to confirm that this world is full of fashion,competition and temptation and the traditional culture is fading and will be lost at last.

Though we are now living in a world in which undeclared aggression, war, hypocrisy, chicanery, anarchy are part of our daily life. Though this is a skeptical age, and our faith has weakened, our confidence in some aspects of the traditional culture should and would never be lost.

Wouldn't you agree that our traditional culture is always credited with modesty, politeness and respectfulness, which have always been treasured for more than five thousand years?Even in this modern world, people still admire those with good manners, those who are polite to others or respectful to old people.

Wouldn't you agree that our Chinese traditional music is beautiful and artistic and our Chinese tea culture is always an appealing treasure to people around the world?

So there may just be some changes in our lifestyle or our attitudes towards life, but little change occurs to some fundamental aspects of our traditional culture that people still treasure in heart.

The traditional culture will never be lost, I believe.










Spring Festival is my favourite festival. This year's Spring Festival is in February 8th. On New Year's Eve, everyone will wear new clothes. My parents and I will go to the Grandpa and grandma's home to eat Nian Yefan. This is the tradition of our family. At the dinner table, my grandmother will prepare a lot of dishes for us to cook hot pot. These dishes are very delicious. Everyone ate very happy. We have forgotten the troubles of the past year, happy to greet the new year. After dinner, I will go back home with my parents. In eight, I will be fireworks at the threshold of our home. They are very beautiful. Doing this will make me feel very happy. After I put the fireworks, I will watch the Spring Festival Gala. The Gala adds a mood of celebration in the house as people laugh, discuss and enjoy the performance. At eleven, my parents gave me 200 yuan. This is my year's new year's money. 0 o'colck, the new year's bell sounded, we have ushered in the new year. I made a wish. I hoped that that we could have a happy and healthy life ne--t year and everyone in my family could be happy.

The first day of the new year, my father and I had the red antithetical Spring Festival couplets on our doors. Every Spring Festival, both urban and rural areas, each household must select a red couplets affi--ed to the door in order to increase the festive atmosphere. I also cleaned the room with my mom. After the event, I will visit friends and relatives with my parents. This is the custom of the Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival.

This is my Spring Festival holiday, I had a very happy. What about you?


Today, we live in the modern world, most things we do can use the machine. The technology brings so many convenience to us, it facilitates our life. As we are facing the new products all the time, the traditional things are fading away. Take the paper-cut for example. When I was very small, paper-cut was so popular in my grandma’s generation, most women could cut all kinds of interesting shapes. While today when I went back to my hometown, I found that most of them had stopped cutting papers, because they could buy them at the very low price. What’s more, the young people don’t learn such art, for the parents think it is not necessary for their children to learn the old-fashion thing. The tradition should not be abandoned, it is the reflection of our culture. Even facing the challenge, we need to inherit the tradition.

今天,我们生活在摩登时代,我们可以使用机器做大部分的事情。科技给我们带来了很多方便,它便利了我们的生活。我们每天都面对着新产品,传统的东西正在慢慢消失。以剪纸为例。在我很小的时候,在我祖母的那一代,剪纸很受欢迎,大多数女性可以剪出各种有趣的形状。现在当我回到家乡时,我发现他们中的大多数已经停止剪纸,因为他们可以以很低的价格购买。更重要的是,年轻人不了解这种艺术, 以为父母认为他们的孩子没有必要去学习这种不时髦的东西。传统不应该被放弃,这是我们文化的反映。甚至面临挑战,我们仍然需要继承传统。


Chinese there are a lot of traditional culture, such as the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Glutinous Rice Balls to eat, to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, summer egg fight...... I love most is the beginning of the egg fight.

The day of the beginning, I invited my buddy to fight my eggs. At the beginning of the egg, mother prepared an egg for each of us and said, "who is the last of the eggs, who is the king of the egg!" First of all, I and Yao Peiyu, both of us egg head to the egg, who will not let anyone, to fight each other up. We just fight soon, they heard the click sound, there is a broken egg! I was so surprised that I looked at my eggs, and thank God, my eggs were not broken. It was Yao Peiyu who accidentally hit the empty head with my tip! We saw it and laughed all the time. He bites and says, "come again!" This time, we all put out the strength of the milk, but his strength was not big, so he was defeated by me! Left --iao Yu--uan, although she is a girl, but not a good deal.

All of a sudden, I came up with a good plan and a seamless plan. I used to fight with her on the empty end and broke up in a moment. I thought to myself, "this is the end of you. Your sharp head has been damaged. I will fight with you with a good and sharp tip." So, I tried to wipe the egg head, and suddenly blows, give strength to my eggs. At first, her eggs were damaged, and she was not so big as I was, so I was easily defeated. I jumped up with joy. Mother loudly announced, "the end of the game, Sun Yize is the king of eggs!" Now everyone begins to eat eggs. " We eat eggs, and all the people are in the atmosphere of joy.

The egg not only brought us happiness, but also let me understand a truth: everything should be brain, with wisdom to win!


Since the big country has been found at October 1st of 1949, the People’s Republic of China has gone through a history of 62 years. Looking back at the 62 years, especially in recent 30 years, we have made many great achievements in different fields. And China has been the second largest economy in the world in 2010. And as a Chinese, I am so proud of our mother country.

However, on the other hand, we also have been losing many other good things such as beautiful environment and traditional culture when the GDP has increased quickly. And we also know that the traditional culture is the soul of an ancient nation. It is the most important thing. But we Chinese seem to ignore this. And that many things happened in this year like to remind us to be awake of this phenomenon. The accident of our high speed trains had taken many people’s lives away in July. And that the 2-years-old girl had been hurt to die while 18 passers should to save her.

And in my opinion, the culture and civilization are so important that we can’t lose them. However the economy and technology have been developed, we will have nothing when we lost the important things. As a student, I have no idea that what should I do. And I just want to say, we must develop our traditional culture but not to abandon them.