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effective 有效的、实际的

Taking part in competitive sports events is an effective method of becoming a well-balanced person.

enhanced 加强的、提高的

It has been essential for everyone to combine his/her efforts for an enhanced standard of living.

essential 必须的、必要的

There is no denying that one essential condition in achieving personal happiness is to make others happy.

excessive 过量的、多余的

In recent years, the policy of “reducing the students’ load” has been implemented by the Chinese government, with the purpose of freeing children from excessive school pressure.

extensive 广泛的、大量的

Everyone has his/her own field of expertise, and therefore if scholars are talking about their professions, they are bound to have extensive knowledge on the subject.

far-reaching 深远的、意义重大的

No matter whether the business finally succeeds or not, such experience will bring about far-reaching benefits to a person’s life.

fast-paced 快速的、快节奏的

The fast-paced living style has reduced the frequency with which people have a face-to-face conversation.

fatal 致命的、严重的

There have been many news reports about nuclear power stations polluting water and air as well as causing a large amount of fatal illness.

favorable 有利的、赞许的

Assessing the land potential and searching for alternatives for land use are favorable options for the government.

fierce 激烈的、剧烈的

When young people join in the fierce competition of the job market, making a careful decision is meaningful to their professional life.

formidable 巨大的、艰难的

It is difficult for people to visualize the formidable pains that athletes have endured in their daily training.

fruitful 有成效的、有益的

Covering diversified areas of knowledge and mastering extensive skills will benefit those who dream of a fruitful future.

fundamental 根本的、基础的

The fundamental qualities, such as being obedient, grateful, and responsible, have been well preserved and passed down through the years.

heatedly-discussed 激烈讨论的、热点的

A heatedly-discussed proposal has been brought to attention recently regarding the feasibility of paying teachers according to how well their students perform.

highly-competitive 竞争激烈的

The highly-competitive job market and overwhelming life pressure urges many college graduates to give up their passion and choose to work in another field.

increasing 越来越多的、渐增的

With the increasing popularity of different poker games among adults, we could easily sense their effectiveness in helping people relax.

immense 巨大的、无限的

The emotional gratification most people receive from their pets is immense.

imperative 必要的、至关重要的

A good leader is imperative to one’s successful career.

indispensable 必要的、不可或缺的

The advertising industry has established itself as an indispensable power that values commercial prosperity.

inescapable 不可避免的、责无旁贷的

It is the inescapable responsibility of the government to raise funds and offer financial assistance to the poor.

inevitable 必然的、不可避免的

It is inevitable that each individual will have his/her own perspective and points of view; however, people with different views could also succeed as a team.

innumerable 大量的、无数的

Citizens have the opportunity to educate themselves with innumerable new sources at their disposal.

invaluable 宝贵的、无价的

The inner peace and balance that I enjoy from the company with my family members are invaluable to me.

keen 敏锐的、渴望的

Allowing students to make personal comments on a certain topic trains them to think with keen observation and objective insight.

main/major 主要的、重要的

A series of complicated social elements are the main/major obstacles that force job hunters or employees to give up the ideal of a life-long position.

multifaceted 多样的、多面的

Experts are talented individuals who have assimilated multifaceted knowledge from many areas, and are able to apply it with ease.

preferable 更好的、更可取的

Learning in a regular classroom is greatly preferable to learning in a virtual classroom.

primary 主要的、首要的

The primary purpose of most games is to make people feel happy and relaxed.

proficient 熟练的、精通的

I am more proficient in using machines than I am doing the same work by hand, and machines are faster and more efficient.

profound 深远的、重要的

Technological innovations have brought about profound changes to the political, economic, and cultural arenas of a nation.

remarkable 重要的、引人注目的

The concepts and ideas, created by wise men in ancient times, have remarkable impacts on one’s character-shaping and problem-solving.

significant 重大的、有效的

Learning a new language shows a significant increase in an individual’s memory capacity.

slim 微小的、极少的

With the improvement of multilateral relations among different nations, the chances of another world war have become slimmer than ever.

unprecedented 空前的、无前例的

Most working class faces unprecedented workplace challenges and competition.

unremitting 不懈的、持续的

All social units ought to make unremitting efforts to create a suitable atmosphere for working and learning.

vital 重要的、致命的

In such a fiercely competitive society, making the right decision for the future is of vital importance to each individual’s success.


Would you prefer a higher pay job with longer work time or an average pay job with normal work time.




In the current society full of fierce competition, we can readily observe that landing an ideal job has become increasingly difficult, which forces us to a concession in the requirement of the job we want. When it comes to which is more appealing, a higher pay job with longer work time or an average pay job with normal work time, people varying in backgrounds and personalities may view the same issue from different angles. From my perspective, towards such a long-running tug-of-war, my choice will depends on what age I am.

On the one hand, during my twenties and thirties, my preference will be a higher pay job with longer work time. For one thing, as for young adults wrestling with various bills in daily life, the high salary will help them to relieve their financial pressure and thus meet their basic need of life. To be specific, the extremely high price of house in China has been beyond the affordable range of most people. In order to pay the rents or afford a house, young people needs desperately a large sum of money which can be earned in a decent job. For another, longer work time is not a big deal for the young, because they are so energetic and vigorous that a sound sleep can help them to restore their vitality. A good case in point is the experience my friend, Andy. As a broker in an Stock Exchange Company in Beijing, he has to deal with large quantities of data and keep close track of any events which may cause the fluctuation of stock price. Although the heavy pressure brought by his job often require him to work overtime and even around the clock, he never makes complaints because the exciting and adventurous experience from selling or buying stocks appeals him a lot.

On the other hand, n the other hand, when I am at the middle age or old age, an average pay job with normal work time will be much better. After accumulating fortunes in the early years of life, old-age people do not suffer from huge financial pressure so that low income will not affect their life greatly. As we know, the old have owned their own houses and are not interested in pursuing the latest electronic devices or fashionable clothes, thus decresing their living cost to a large extent. As a result, they can lead a relatively high-quality life without high wage. Also, older people are usually those who have got married or even have children, so spending more time accompanying their family members is of great significance. Undoubtedly, the job with normal work time can better satisfy the need of staying longer with their kids or spouse. During the stay, the emotional bond between them will become closer and more intimate.


Judging from what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that my preference for a job varies according to what age group I am at.


People tend to have to different expectations out of a job, like personal satisfaction, higher pay, respect, and social recognition. Some people prefer to work long hours to pursue a higher salary while others tend to hold on a average paying job with normal work hours. If I have to face these two choices, I tend to choose to take a job with normal pay but more free time based on the following reasons.

Admittedly, monetary reward is indeed one of primary motivation to pursue a career, one needs money to cover daily expenses like room and board, utility bills, buy medical insurance, without money it is impossible for someone to live a decent life. However, it is not monetary benefit that gives an individual great personal satisfactions. Research that is done by lots of well-established professor in psychiatry has shown that the freedom to allocate your time and your intimacy with friends and families guarantee great personal happiness and satisfactions.

First off, spending too much time and working overtime can add more pressure and stress to one personal life and jeopardize their health. Lots of jobs are sedentary, like secretaries, lawyers, clerks, which pose great threat to their physical healthy. They might get dizzy, backache, and lack of energy. Other professions are even more competitive and intense, like stock broker, financial analyst who have to stare at a computer screen for more than 10 hours a day. It is not surprising to hear someone who has worked for 14 hours a day and several days in a row and eventually suffer from cardiac sudden death. It is clear that working overtime pose great threat to employees' healthy, which leads to sloppy working habits and negative attitude. The most unwanted scenario is the lack of morale in a professional environment. On the other hand, working normal hours makes the individual employee happier in their personal life and more productive in the working place.

Additionally, working overtime means that the individual will have to sacrifice much of their spare time devoted to boring and repetitive work. There are more meaningful stuff to do than working day and night, for instance, by choosing working normal hours one can develop a new skill or hobby, like learning how to play piano, play golf with a friend. Besides, working normal hours makes it possible for individuals to spend some quality with their families and maintaining a harmonious bond with families can be very important. Not only does good to the individual's mental health, but also it will make one more productive in a professional setting.

In conclusion, it is more advisable to work average hours with normal pay than otherwise since more flexibility in working schedule means more quality time with families and friends, great personal satisfaction and productivity in working place and lower risk of physical and mental problems.


some students prefer to have their final grades determined by numerous small assignments, whereas others prefer to have their final grades determined by only a few large ones. Which do you prefer?


最终成绩取决于很多小的学习任务 vs 有限的几次大的任务



2.对于老师有好处: 老师可以被解放出来,因为不用在课堂一直讲与考试或者作业相关的内容。举例:大学老师因此会有更多的精力投入研究,老师也可以在课堂中不用只讲解考试的内容,可以多分享一些补充知识,对于学生未来的就业更有帮助



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