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accumulated/amassed 累积、积聚

Any field of knowledge needs to be accumulated/amassed through multiple channels and by various means.

acknowledge 承认、认可

It has been widely acknowledged that relating well to others paves the way for people to achieve success.

acquire 获得、取得

Covering varied subjects helps children acquire comprehensive skills to meet the high demand of the modern world.

adopt 采用、采纳

Due to the inability to make correct judgments, children are likely to adopt a deformed view upon the functions of money and school grades.

arouse 引起、唤醒

The overwhelming curiosity about alien cultures and features considerably arouses people’s interestin foreign movies and TV programs.

boast 含有、包括

I once joined a guided tour to Hainan, a most popular scenic spot that boasts appealing seashores and delicious seafood.

boost 提高、激发

Increasing teachers’ salaries will boost teachers’ enthusiasm and devotion.

cherish 珍惜、怀念

Having a delicious meal together and chatting freely are simple ways to celebrate either one’s birthday or graduation, but they can bring great happiness and memories that will be cherished forever.

combat 对抗、斗争

As long as the entire society is on a mission to combat the existing and potential environmental challenges, sooner or later the day will arrive when the earth is safeguarded and its environment is further improved.

commit 付诸、委任

Such a psychological reward will motivate children to commit greater tasks when they grow up.

comprehend 理解、掌握

The social and historical background of serious movies provides people with an opportunity to comprehend a vast amount of knowledge.

confront 面对、遭遇

The uniform is not the right answer to various difficulties and problems that high school education is confronting.

constitute 构成、组成

The pressure from other students constitutes a powerful impetus to improving one’s abilities as well as perfecting one’s personality traits.

convince 说服、确信

The remarkable technological development has convinced people that the electronic world is filled ith marvels.

cultivate 培养、陶冶

The equality in grade may cultivate the group members’ stronger sense of responsibility.

dampen 抑制、沮丧

Limiting their interest and freedom in doing what children like will exert a negative impact on their mentality, which may dampen their study enthusiasm.

demonstrate 证明、展示

Employers prefer university graduates because a higher educational qualification generally demonstrates more practical skills.

eliminate 消除、排除

Wearing the same school uniform as everyone else eliminates a significant source of discomfort for many teenagers: the uncertainty that what they are wearing is “right”.

embody 体现、包含

The modern society has an increasing demand for superior quality productions that embody favorable social values.

employ 使用、采纳

These methods help children build far-reaching insight and train them to employ common sense and explore the world with their own eyes.

incur 招致、产生

The increase in the number of car owners is incurring many negative effects, which has already aroused the intensive concern of the government.

induce 导致、引起

All the prevalent changes taking place today due to the advancement of science and technology are combined together to induce greater revolutions in all fields.

instill 灌输、植入

It becomes necessary to attend some physical activities at least a few times a week, and instilling this idea into children when they are young is the best way to ensure their health for life.

lack 缺乏、不足

College graduates command higher salaries than applicants who lack college diplomas.

maintain 维持、继续

Maintaining stable ties with faithful friends may offer each individual far better chances to extend his/her career life.

outweigh 胜任、超过

Being with family is a happiness that far outweighs any success achieved at work.

possess 拥有、控制

Possessing a great natural talent for computer programming, Bill Gates made a name for himself and acquired tremendous fortune by developing a number of operating systems and software that are commonly used today.

prosper 繁荣、刺激

In order to prosper the economy, every nation in the world strives to build working forces with desirable health condition.

provoke 驱使、激发

Watching foreign movies provokes students’ interest in foreign countries and cultures.

reap 收获、享受

Girls are born as smart as boys and equally deserve to reap the benefits of education.

shoulder 承担、肩负

Governments should shoulder the responsibility of supervising the applications of major discoveries, making sure that they are used legally and correctly.

stimulate 刺激、鼓励

Person-to-person interactions are important to stimulate children’s fresh ideas and spark inspiration in and from parents.

surface 呈现、浮现

Many significant problems have surfaced when the global economy becomes inter-dependent.

ruin 毁坏、灭亡

Getting along with a friend as a roommate, if not properly handled, could quickly ruin the relationship.

tailor 剪裁、适合

It becomes impossible to tailor an entire school’s curriculum to the individual needs of every single student.

weaken 减少、变弱

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are dependent on computers and electronic apparatuses, which weakens their ability to think and act imaginatively.


People who develop different skills are more successful than people who develop one skill only.


When it comes to the qualities of successful people, people varying in education background and experience tend to give distinctive answers. Some would argue that those who are successful should be versatile and excel in lots of skills like communication skills, leadership skills and even organizational skills while others believe that one who is exceptional in one area is more likely to be successful. I personally believe that a versatile person with various skill sets can be more successful.

Admittedly, as the saying goes Jack of all trades and master of none and there are rare cases where some people who are expert in only one field stand out. However, it is more common for versatile people with multiple skills to be successful because of the following reasons.

First off, people who are talented and versatile are more competitive and competent in their career, and they enjoy a better change to be promoted in a professional setting. Actually, a lot of positions require a combination of skill sets, such as paying attention to details, knowledge in a specific field and communication skills, etc. Indeed, more skills will give someone more chance to get promoted. For instance, if a computer programmer just knows how to write program and focuses only on the technical side of the job, chances are that he would never get promoted. On the other hand, if not only does the computer programmer have programming skills but also he is a genius people-wise, he might get a better shot to be promoted as a manager in charge of a team of computer programmers. Thus, he can enjoy more opportunities in his career.

Additionally, it is much easier for a versatile person with various skill sets to build rapport with people and make friends. It is self-evident that people with all kinds of skills will be very attractive and charismatic. A person who not only has professional knowledge in one specific field but also has people skills and leadership skills will be very popular and standing out among his or her peers. For instance, my friend Alex, a bright young professional working in the financial industrial. He was awarded the most valuable banker in his company because of his professionalism and dedication to serving the customers and clients. Not only is he successful in his professional life, but also he is an amateur violinist. Actually, he plays for a city choir to represent the community and go against other cities' choir. Such skills can be very useful when building up connections with people and thus he can expand his social network easily. Furthermore, he can use these skills to entertain his clients and customers on certain occasions and have their trust on him.

In conclusion, a versatile person with various skill sets can be more competitive and outstrip others in the workplace, eventually they enjoy better chance to be promoted. Another advantage of having multiples skills is that it can be much easier and readily for them to network and expand their social connections.


The club of your school plan to help one of the following group of people, 1.teach pupils reading and math

2. build houses for those who cannot afford the house

3.take care of the old


Agree or disagree: the university club wants to help others, if you are a member of them, which following would you prefer to choose? help young students in nearby primary school, help people to find new houses for rent; help old people for caring them in daily life.


Life is loaded with various difficulties and hardship, especially for old people who are incapable of taking good care of themselves because of their poor physical quality. Therefore, among the three choices of helping young students in nearby primary school, helping people to find new houses for rent and assisting old people for caring them, I definitely choose the last one.

For one thing, because of being committed to their career, the middle-age can hardly take good care of their parents. To address a sequence of job assignments, city employees, the majority of whom have turned to the middle age, are required to be immersed in their career. Take ordinary citizens as examples. When it comes to businessmen, dealing with the complicated relationship with their counterparts or consumers will lead them to be shortage of time to accompany their families, given that all their time and energy are occupied. Speaking of policemen, to maintain stable social order and crack down on any happening or underlying crimes, they are supposed to be on duty at any time, making it impossible for them to care their families. And it is also an episode likely to be applied in the movie by the film maker that policemen are woking on the investigation and cannot keep promises they make for their families , impressing audiences again and again. As for the career of teachers, what they normally do is either to prepare for their presentations or remedy their students’ assignments. Apparently, the contemporary middle-age citizens cannot take good care of their parents and college students had better provide their help.

For another thing, the process of helping the old can cultivate college students’ sense of responsibility that matters in their future life and profession. Many more universities will, literally, decide whether to admit students by checking if there is any volunteering experience like taking care of the old in a nursing home in their application materials. In an era of both highly developed economy and technology, it tends to be easier for children to develop the unwanted behaviors and unhealthy values and world outlook. Nowadays, people can often hear the News about college students failing to graduate from schools because of their addiction to video games and many overseas students catching the affluenza which refers to wealthy people who like to show their richness by purchasing many unnecessary luxuries. Therefore, many young people’s ideology has been distorted seriously and it is urgent to call on their sense of responsibility. And taking good care of the old can teach them a lot. For instance, they will be conscious of the fact that there is still a vulnerable group that needs to be assisted and their contribution to the society can drive away the solitude of the old. Thus, they will increase their confidence in undertaking more social responsibilities.

Admittedly, some others may lay emphasis on the importance of helping the young since they are the future of a nation. From what I believe, it is hype since the education of young children does not count on the help from college students. As for the statement that college students should help others rent a house, that is ridiculous since there have been a wide range of choices for tenants among diverse Apps via the Internet. To conclude, helping the old can be of enormous benefits for both the old and the young.


With the improvement of educational system, various student associations and clubs, which are meant to equip their members with practical skills, have become a great part of the campus life. Therefore, when it comes to which kinds of activities these clubs should organize, teaching pupils maths, building houses for the homeless, or helping the old, people may tend to hold different notions. As for me, attending to the senior would be the best choice, for the following reasons.

First of all, looking after old people can help students to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and patience. As we know, one defining character of young adults is that they are generally too immature to understand what social responsibility is. It is not uncommon to observe that some teenagers are inclined to destroy the public properties on purpose, or even worse, they may tease or make jokes at the older people without any respect, all of which are irresponsible behaviours. Such conducts can be corrected once the sense of duty takes root in their mind by helping the old. Obviously, in the course of taking care of old people, students will be informed of the contribution made by the old generation to the development of the whole society, thus realizing their social obligation. Plus, the trivial things such as making meals, cleaning the room and so on are involved in the process of helping the old, which cannot be done without patience.

In the second place, accompanying the old can help them to kill the boring time and relieve their loneliness. With the aging of population becoming more serious, the number of old people has been increasing in an appalling rate. Meanwhile, the facilities and places serving as entertainment for the old is deficient now. As a result, the senior now are leading a quite lonely and monotonous life so that company from others are in desperate need for them. Recently, according to a report published by China Daily, some old people were found dying after they have passed away for a dozen of days, which can clearly reflect the acutal situation of the grey. Thus, company from students can make old people keep a good mood and live a more cheerful life.

Adimttedly, some opponents may argue that tutoring the primary students can improve the academic performance of pupils and building house for the homeless can provide them a shelter. However, this not the case in reality. As for tutoring, students are not professional enough to impart knowledge to little kids efficiently so that this practice may waste time of both sides. As for building house, there are some potential safety hazzards which may make students get hurt. Therefore, I am still convinced that helping the old is the most appropriate choice for students club.


Student clubs, from the first day they came into being, have been encouraged and supported by universities throughout the world. With the aim of enriching the social, practical and academic experiences, they have also gained popularity among both parents and students. Usually, the club activities should be feasible and beneficial to students in one way or another. Therefore, compared with tutoring primary school students and dealing with daily tasks for the old, I think building houses is a project that will yield tangible results.

First, by designing and constructing a building, the students themselves will learn to transfer their academic knowledge to practice. It has been widely acknowledged that the purpose of education is to cultivate talents for society, the ones who are able to contribute to our better quality of life. University students have spent at least twelve years accumulating knowledge, and it’s time for them to show the society what they have mastered. Building a house requires knowledge of various aspects, from architectural design to construction engineering, from interior design to the arrangement of the entire landscape, all of which can only be accomplished with the joint effort by students of different majors. During the whole process, the club members will not only polish their professional skills, but also learn how to cooperate with others in a team. In this regard, assisting the old in their daily chores seems a little trivial and time-consuming, since nothing except a slight sense of achievement will be gained from this project.

Second, offering instructions in reading and mathematics to those younger school age children is by no means an easy job for university students. Do not assume that those future social elites are capable of teaching kids. As we know, children usually lack the ability of self-control and they need to be inspired, which means strict rules and proper methods are indispensable in carrying out efficient tutoring. Primary teachers, although not so adept at academic theories, are definitely experienced in stimulating children’s interest and steering their thinking. Anyone without the training had better not to make an attempt, since if they accidentally distinguish the children’s passion in learning, the result could be irreversible. However, there is no doubt that university students have the ability to build a sound and comfortable house for the ones in need. Therefore, they should do what they are good at.

To sum up, since club activities should aim at improving students’ ability instead of causing troubles, it is better for students to design and construct a building for the underprivileged.