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accordingly 相应地、对应地

Through internships, students will become familiar with the companies’ expectations towards competitive graduates and build their career path accordingly.

adversely 不利地、负面地

The children and spouse of a smoker will be adversely affected by the constant smoke in their environment.

alarmingly 惊人地、令人惊奇地

China has the largest population in the world, and therefore the business industry is bound to grow at an alarmingly fast rate.

astoundingly 惊人地、令人惊奇地

The urban population produces astoundingly large amounts of pollution, for example, the alleged white pollution which is creeping all over the country.

basically 主要地、基本地

Basically, the problem-solving skills learnt in science are beneficial in curing diseases and developing new energy technologies.

comparatively 比较地、相当地

In addition, due to the comparatively higher prices of handmade products, consumers might be hesitant before deciding to buy them.

completely 完全地、彻底地

News broadcasts on television are supplying completely trustworthy information concerning the latest happenings at home and abroad.

considerably 相当地、非常地

The educational level of citizens considerably depends on the quality of teachers in higher learning institutions.

consistently 一贯地、一致地

In order to avoid health problems, young people should consistently participate in outdoor activities.

deeply 深深地、深入地

The value of “unity ispower” is deeply rooted in people’s minds.

eventually 最终地、最后地

Most ordinary citizens joined in the struggles against enemies, and as a result, they survived and eventually lived in peace.

exceedingly 极度地、非常

The people of strong ability to plan and organize are exceedingly capable of administering a large number of employees or assistants.

exceptionally 异常地、特殊地

To illustrate, when a person manages to complete a formidable job, a strong sense of fulfillment will rise up and make him/her exceptionally honored and happy.

excessively 过分地、过度地

Peer pressure often causes youngsters to spend excessively on fancy clothes and accessories.

fully 充分地、完整地

Only through residing in dormitories could college students fully experience the essence of university education.

highly 高度地、非常

That is why the government is highly concerned about improvements in traffic conditions and invests heavily in the construction of a more advanced infrastructure.

increasingly 越来越多地、渐增地

Students attend colleges to obtain more opportunities for advancement in an increasingly competitive job market.

inescapably/inevitably 不可避免地、必然地

People’s behavior inevitably/inescapably reflects their nature.

inextricably 密不可分地、无法摆脱地

When a university is established, it becomes inextricably connected to the community where it is located.

inherently 固有地、内在地

Most magazines of the mass media industry, being inherently commercial, are driven by business motivations.

overly 过度地、极度地

Souvenirs are overly expensive in some tourist sites.

possibly/probably 可能地、大概

Critical thinking skills help students fight poverty and make the nation possibly/probably fairer and freer.

presumably 可能地、大概

Creativity is needed when one is building new companies that will presumably create new jobs and boost the local economy.

radically 根本地、彻底地

The old fashion is suddenly new again viewed in the context of a radically different environment.

regularly 定期地、有规律地

Medical research indicates that those who conduct physical exercise regularly face fewer risks of diseases than those who never do it.

remarkably 显著地、非常地

Being limited to only one type of books might remarkably narrow a reader’s mind and knowledge scope.

seemingly 似乎地、好似

New graduates prefer to work in large companies that seemingly attach great importance to the social welfare benefits of their working staff.

significantly 重大地、值得注目地

Automobiles have significantly influenced every aspect of society in many ways and have changed to keep up with the times.

similarly 相似地、同样地

Similarly, it becomes difficult for students to know which job best fits them after graduation due to their lack of real-life experience.

substantially 实质上、大量地

The habitats of wild animals may substantially dwindle, which will destroy the diversity of animals and the ecological balance.

thoroughly 彻底地、绝对地

Everyone should appreciate and thoroughly comprehend the essential value of friendship.

undeniably 不可否认地、确凿无疑地

Undeniably, each manager has to take risks and prepare for potential challenges during the struggle toward generating profits and achieving further development.

undoubtedly 确实地、毋庸置疑地

Undoubtedly, computers have changed the way individuals interact with each other in American society.

unsurprisingly 不出所料地、不出奇地

Unsurprisingly, students who are under constant stress in their studies may suffer from mental problems or even commit crimes.

vastly 极大地、深远地

The agricultural way of life has played a vastly important part in the country’s history.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: primary schools should spend more time on teaching young students (5-11years old) technology (like computer) than teaching music and art.


The question of “ what is the most important subject or skill the elementary schools should teach? ” has never failed to attract attention from educators, school administrators and even politicians especially when it comes to subjects like technology, or music and art. Some argue that school should spend more time teaching technology than music and art. Personally, I am not in favor of this position based on the following reasons.

Admittedly, with the advent of internet and state-of-art gadgets like laptop, tablets, being able to use computers skillfully is being considered as a valuable quality. However, early exposure to computers and other kinds of technological products might bring lots of risks and problems to kids’ future development. Recently research by National Society of Psychiatrists shows that exposure to computers at an early age leads to addiction to computers when they grow older and obviously spending too much time in front of the computer can pose a threat to kids’ health, to be more specific, it leads to neck problems, nearsightedness, backache and even childhood obesity. Moreover, instead of getting addicted to playing on-line games and watching meaningless videos, kids should have spent more time focusing on their academic study, or even learning how to appreciate artwork or music. Indeed, spending more time learning art and music not only benefits the kids, but also it is conducive the community as whole.

First off, learning art and music at an early age helps to develop creativity and make the kids more imaginative. Actually, lots of scientific research in the psychological field shows that early exposure to art and music not only boosts academic achievement but also promotes creativity, self-confidence and school pride; kids who spend more time in learning art and music end up having higher analytical thinking and reasoning skills than kids who don’t.

Additionally, spending more time teaching kids music and art can can benefit the whole community. Music and art are a very important part of people’s lives. They are necessary for people to express their emotions, like happiness, sorrow, and even anger regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, age and even gentle. It is very urgent to spend more time teaching kids knowledge about art and music since they bring change, facilitate innovation and help to unite the community. They are the reminder of the past and maker of tomorrow, they also help to convey ideas and different perspectives. More importantly, art and music have great cultural significance, by learning art and music kids will have a strong sense of cultural identity and sense of belonging to community, eventually the traditional values and culture can be passed down to the younger generation.

To conclude, it is more advisable to spend more time teaching kids art and music than technology since not only can art and music benefit the individual kid but also it benefits the community as a whole.


(A/D) The government should offer internet access to all of citizens at no cost.




With the advent of internet, people in growing numbers are getting addicted to logging onto the internet out of various purposes, which has aroused deeply social concern. Therefore, the issue of whether the bills of using the Internet should be paid by the government or the users themselves has been open to debate. In my opinion, it is more reasonable to require the individuals to cover the fee of internet usage, with the reasons as follows.

To begin with, the users of the internets are supposed to pay the bills in order to relieve the financial burden of government. With the popularization of the internet, the number of people going online every day has increased to a lot, which means that the money spent on the internet is tremendous. Such a large sum of money can do nothing but occupy a great propotion of the governmental expenditure, thus cutting down on the investment of government on other more pressing fields like improving the public transportation and eradicating the poverty. By contrast, if the fee of internet usage comes from the wallet of the individual, the situation will become totally different. To illustrate, the abundant financial resources of government saved by this practice can better facilitate the economic development and render the life of the mass more convenient and comfortable.

In addition, requiring the individuals to pay for the bill of internet access will help to establish better social relationship between people. As is common sense, with the wide application of electronic devices boosted by easy access to the internet, people especially younsters are indulged in the cyber or virtual world created by the social network and various Apps on the cell phone. Consequently, it is not uncommon to observe that when a group of white collars sit at a table in a restaurant waiting for their meals, they watch the screen of their smart phones instead of interacting with the guys near them, which greatly alienates the bond between them. In this case, the free use of internet will aggravate this situation to a large extent. However, if the fee of the internet usage is covered by the individuals instead of the government, many people will be reduce their time spent in surfing the internet in order to save money. As a result, the face-to-face communication will become more frequent and thus the closer and more intimate relationship between people will be set up.

Factoring the above listed reasons, it is safe to conclude that the government should not offer internet access to all of citizens at no cost, in order to relieve financial burden of the government and to build a better rapport between people.


With the advent of the information age, internet and advanced technological gadgets are becoming more and more accessible, actually they are now as important as basic necessities in life like water supply and electricity. When it comes to the question of whether government should provide free internet access to all citizens, personally I am in favor of this initiative based on the following reasons.

Admittedly, providing free internet access to the public in schools, shopping malls, tourist spots and even households might incur some financial burden to the city since the government has to invest in the infrastructure and networks and even dedicate staff members to maintain the operation, however, it is well worth the effort and financial resource to provide such service.

First off, internet now is an indispensable part of people’s lives, and we simply cannot live and work without it. Providing free internet service can make people’s lives more convenient and bring efficiency to working places. For example, college students can utilize internet to send emails to inquire professors about certain issues in the academics, use different kinds of online service to assist their study. Internet makes it possible for professors to involve multimedia in the their classrooms, making the class more interactive and engaging. Also, businessmen can capitalize on the internet and monitor various data like management cost, profit, asset and liability, ultimately they can avoid certain financial loss and make more profit. Generally, internet makes lives more convenient, citizens can use location based apps to find restaurants, museums, sports centers, etc. Apart from that, internet brings a more connected community and facilitates interaction between citizens and businesses. More importantly, a city with free internet access in public places will see its popularity boosted and attract people to move in or visit.

Additionally, providing free wifi access to everyone is a very conducive tool for empowerment and social engagement, shortening the gap between the rich and the poor, the underprivileged and the privileged. Actually, internet access, cell phone contracts, and data plan can be very expensive and not very affordable to people with lower incomes. Providing free internet service to these people gives them life changing opportunities, like job hunting, on-line course, and even health advice. Consequently, providing free internet service can be a great tool for empowerment and social involvement.

To conclude, providing free internet service to citizens has lots of benefits since internet makes people’s lives more convenient and brings efficiency to working places, more importantly, providing free internet service can be a great tool for empowerment and social involvement.




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