Coping with Stress 缓解压力生活英语情景对话

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  Dialogue 情景对话1

  N: How come you're still up? Shouldn't you be asleep by now?

  G: I've been having a hard time sleeping lately.

  N: As far as I know, insomnia is usually caoused by stess. Are you stressed at all?

  G: Well, I'm really worried about my grades. I didn't think this course would be so stressful.

  N: You're a good student. I'm sure you can do well. What you need to do is to relax.

  G: You're probably right. I just wish it were that simple. How can I stop feeling so anxious all the time?

  N: Taking a yoga class or learning some relaxation techniques can help you cope with your stress.

  G: I don't really have time to learning anything new. I need to spend my time studying!

  N: You need to take some breaks throughout the day. Studying all day isn't very usually effective.

  G: You're right. I usually end up staring at my computer or checking my email instead of doing my work for class.

  N: Besides, it's not difficult to learn yoga. In fact, I can teach you a move that's supposed to help you fall asleep! You just have to sit down like this, bend over and breathe in deeply.

  G: That's fantastic. I'm going to go try that out in my room now. Good night!

  N: Good night, sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite!

  Dialogue 情景对话2

  G: Good morning!

  N: Good morning, Gav! Did you sleep well last night?

  G: I slept like a baby. I fell asleep right away last night, didn't wake up once, and didn't have any nightmares!

  N: That's great news! You look much more relaxed that you didi yesterday.

  G: I feel much better, but I'm still worried about something.

  N: What's that?

  G: Well, I have to drive to school for a meeting this morning, and I'm going to end up getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.

  N: That's annoying, but nothing to worry about.

  G: For me, traffic jams are quite stessful, because I'm pretty impatient. How can I prevent myself from getting stressed if I get stuck in a traffic jam?

  N: Just breathe deeply when you feel yourself getting upset.

  G: Ok, I'll try that.

  N: Is there anything else bothering you?

  G: Just one more thing. A school called me this morning to see if I could teach a few classes this weekend and I don't know what to do.

  N: Do you have any other plans this weekend?

  G: I'm supposed to work on a paper that's due on Monday.

  N: Try not to take on more than you can handle.

  G: You're right. I probably should just work on my paper. Thanks!