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Have you in every day like in Christmas。


May the Christmas light shines on you every day, let the sun flower asperses full your life journey。


Would you like to be my Father Christmas this year, in the night of Christmas will present on my bed。


Merry Christmas and happy in the New Year has sweet honey, there are full of expensive, flavorful, Ann kang。


Know how to enjoy, know to share, there are the good in life! Cheer up, my friends, merry Christmas!


I believe, the blessing is that we need; Can bless of, is lovely。 In love Christmas, deeply bless you!


Do you know where Santa Claus? He stole my heart, give you, if you can take good save, that's true!


Merry Christmas, not only in the special day will think of you, but Christmas time, will let you receive my blessing。


Child, I am a Santa Claus, there is a Christmas gift for you。 No smokestack, 'what, are you home or not to buy!


The first think of you, the first is I love you, let us together at Christmas for the first time, merry Christmas, baby!


On Christmas Eve, please put your socks in the bed, I will make your dreams come true, receive my sincere blessings。


Santa Claus said: security, peace night I enjoy crazy don't be silly, abandoning the trouble and sorrow, happiness in ten thousand。


Spent Christmas Eve have peace and happiness! Don't know you is good, want to should be very good! Then wish merry Christmas!


Do you know where Santa Claus, he stole my heart, whether to you? If so, you must save carefully ah, that's true。


As Christmas to come in the air of the breath of joy。 Tonight, as my mood, let me sing a psalm to beg for tomorrow will be better。


In this fascinating Christmas, you hide in the home have balls, gave birth to a pile of dinosaur eggs, and a small eggs, pig, merry Christmas!


Santa Claus said that this year he is going to put the present on the two of us stocking。 Therefore, Christmas Eve you to accompany in my side。


One day I polished Aladdin's lamp, genie said: I will meet you a wish。 I said: please bless the person who is reading is a merry Christmas!


Gently greetings, sincere blessings, may happiness always around you, wish you have a full of joy, the hope of harvest, abound in this New Year。


A sentence every Christmas I want to say, but with no chance。 Now I was true to can not contain any more, please take you in my sofa socks!


The fish adds water said that, you can't see my tears, because I am in the water。 The water said that, I could feel your tears, because you are in my heart。


The same passion without fire, sing praises to you; Also need not fragrant flowers, praise for you。 Only in this silent night, say to you? Wish you peace!


Remember past years so is the laughter of the laughing in the warm caress hope all teachers day was filled with joy, the joy of Christmas and a happy year, wishes。


Christmas night think of you, send a message greeting, you can't remember it doesn't matter, I as long as you are happy and satisfactory, is I most agreeable。


I don't know how to face you go, you didn't give me any comfort。 There are tears in my eyes, you will be back for Christmas? Don't let my heart again!


There are words I have been afraid to tell you, but haven't had the opportunity today is Christmas don't say: actually, you look very cute, like a Santa Claus!


Dear, you than on the Christmas tree also bright stars, you are cute than reindeer, but shave your beard, I don't want you and Santa Claus is a shape。


I had a dream last night, Santa Claus gave me gifts is a Christmas evening meal vouchers, two do you want to and I spend our first Christmas together?


The wife wife I miss you, send a SMS harassment you, really want to really want to kiss you, held you in my arms, where I don't know at this time, so we have to put in my heart!


Years lived apart in the remote miss, and this little information, heating, for our friendship is countless, may it bring you joy in this white Christmas festival!


Trouble to send a fuck off, leave one Fried egg for happiness, for love to send an egg of pure gold, let happiness accompany a day, Christmas, I wish you a happy my idiot。


If you are my Christmas, New Year's day, you are Santa Claus, I am reindeer doffer, Christmas old woman you are, I am a Santa Claus, I wish you a merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas, leisurely deer the bell, I wish, send you a gift, I wish you a chance。 Text messages thousands of miles, ask: how are you? Say: merry Christmas!


Music is my uneasiness, bell is my greetings, singing is my blessing, snowflake is my card, wine is my kiss, happy is my gift! Wish you a merry Christmas!


Don't infatuated with the ye, ye is a myth and legend, ye have no reindeer, no gifts, ye not chimney, I can only give you blessing: Christmas Eve Christmas, merry Christmas!


Why your phone always sing, that's because I care of you more information。 Why am I awake at night, it's because looking forward to Christmas with you together! Merry Christmas!


Please marry a husband call happy Christmas, happy Christmas and to have a baby, please call again! Christmas is coming, let Santa a turns to each guest, bring you joy and sweet!


Air for the postman, I put my hot greetings bound into packages, printed on sincerely for the postmark, 37 degrees thermostatic express, the recipient is you。 Wish you a merry Christmas!


The snowflakes drifting away in the sky outside the window, in the church hymns in the population flow, I in prayer, you quickly come back, I want to say to you "I don't think I can do it without you。


Myth: information hair round, money you spend; Take a look at the information, happiness around you; Information read, happy your family; Information turn a turn, good luck for company。 I wish you a happy Christmas!



1. 送你一个平安果,愿你生活平安,身体康健;送你一个好运橙,愿你诚心诚意,爱情美满;送你一把开心糖,愿你口甜心甜,万事如愿;送你一个五彩蛋,祝你家庭团圆,圣诞快乐!

2. 星光闪闪,烛光闪闪,叮叮当,叮叮当,可爱仁慈的圣诞老人从天而降,带来人间无数温馨快乐,更带来我对朋友你的祝福:圣诞快乐!

3. 有人说,如果你能在圣诞前三个月接到祝福,那么在来年的前三个礼拜,对你的祝福就能实现,现在我几祝福你:钱途无量,事业爱情一帆风顺。

4. 通知:今年圣诞节,想要礼物的朋友们,请登陆圣诞老人博客,凭积分点击下载礼物券。转发此信息可获取积分,下载密码是:圣诞快乐!

5. 一抹夕阳染霞光,夜幕降,华灯上,白雪镶青松,欢声嵌盛装,西洋为中用,说是时尚,已不时尚,圣诞老人揭皇榜,也曾高中状元郎,谨祝诸君圣诞乐!

6. 送你一个香甜太苹果,保你岁岁平安,一帆风顺。

7. 朋友久别情不断,圣诞收信情更绵,“平安”,“狂欢”皆尽欢,不忘友人在远方,百事百顺终有成,衣锦还乡迎新年!

8. 愿将我的怀念和祝福,浓缩在芬郁的卡片中,在此安谧的节日,默默送给你。

9. 这是不停转的地球,时间乘着热气球,把你的幸福追求,让你的快乐供不应求,我知道爱你是种奢求,所以圣诞节前就希望你答应我的请求,嫁给我。

10. 友情提示:我已让幸福将你围绕,我已让快乐将你填充,我已让舒心将你包裹,我已让如意将你封装,如果今晚有人将你打包装进麻袋,不要惊慌,我已经告诉圣诞老人我要的礼物就是你!在我心中最珍贵!祝你平安夜快乐!

11. 温暖的是平安夜,快乐的是圣诞节,悠扬的是鹿铃声,璀璨的是五彩灯,柔柔的是牵挂情,暖暖的是朋友心,忙碌的是短信响,幸福的是祝福到。圣诞愉快!

12. 考虑到小时之内将会有铺天盖地的祝福短信堵塞网络,一向有远见聪明的我提前恭祝圣诞快乐新年快乐!

13. 雪花轻盈地飞,冷风缕缕地吹,烟花朵朵盛开,铃声响彻夜空,圣诞悄悄来临,祝福真真传递,愿你幸福快乐,收到圣诞礼物。

14. 雪花飘散,凉意弥漫。圣诞夜晚,对烛轻叹。怡人浅笑,似光灿烂。刻骨柔情,如星璀璨。心海起潮,祝你平安。爱波不止,共渡圣诞。

15. 愿你快乐安康,幸福平安!

16. 跑不完的路程,钻不完的烟囟,塞不完的袜子,送不完的礼包,因为有了你的欢笑,我才不觉得疲劳。圣诞节,祝你有吃不完的甜蜜,花不完的钞票,乐不尽的逍遥!

17. 圣诞老人送吉祥,雪橇载着平安康。

18. 我没法去教堂为你祈祷,也没有圣诞的歌声,更没有圣诞的礼物,只在心里祈求,希望你健康每一天。

19. 一个祝福一粒种,存到手机会长出圣诞树,希望是嫩芽,树干是健康,树叶是爱情,树冠是事业,树荫是生活,树根是平安,果实是快乐。记得浇水哦!

20. 圣诞节到,愿你快乐铺满脸上,如意填满心里。

21. 圣诞将至气氛浓,短信祝福情意重;洗洗袜子挂床边,装满礼物乐无边;扫扫烟囱生火炉,温暖节日心满足。预祝你:平安夜美梦绵绵,圣诞节快乐连连!

22. 讲课常用嗓,嗓子要保护,多食果蔬清热毒。教学工作忙,脑力易消耗,常吃鱼肉蛋黄与豆类,补充机能效率高。祝圣诞节快乐!

23. 圣诞的月光和雪花都不如你祝福我的话语,我把同的祝福给你,你快乐吗?

24. 我的祝福是白云飘向你,我的祝福是微风吹向你,我的祝福是鲜花送给你,祝你圣诞快乐!天天开心!

25. 圣诞紧急通知:由于圣诞期间圣诞老人忙于代言和演出,故决定所有礼物折成现金发放,请收到短信者凭验证码到就近各银行领取,验证码为:我生蛋,我快乐!

26. 雪在下啊,圣诞老人正踩在外面青青的圣诞树窃笑,睡吧,宝贝,明天你将收到心爱的礼物,恭候我。

27. 你的礼物还没收到,我的短信先来问好,顺便提醒不要忘了:轿车别墅或者珠宝,旅行购物或者名表!是说这些我都不要,只要你我能陪我到老!圣诞快乐!

28. 雪花的美丽,飘舞着心情的惦记,圣诞节最思念是你,给你我祝福的深意,把幸福累积,祈祷着祝愿的真挚,圣诞节祝你万事如意!

29. 风轻轻的吹,雪静静的飘,冷冷的圣诞节,只有你能够暖和我的心,所以请不要离开我。

30. 圣诞节,平安夜,让我们静待钟声敲响。许心愿,共祈祷,将愿望挂上圣诞树。等礼物,盼惊喜,心想事成都给你。连友谊,传祝福,祝开开心心迎圣诞。


1. 当钟声响起,我就是你的…别想错了,不是婚礼上的钟声,是圣诞的钟声,而我是你欠给礼物的人!

2. 圣诞将至,派发礼物“卡卡总动员”。一张礼物提货卡,圣诞礼物随便提;一张快乐心情卡,可随时支取开心;一张圣诞祝福卡,朋友问候在里面。圣诞快乐!

3. 圣诞节,我提前在你心里种一棵圣诞树,种子是平安,嫩芽是希望,树干是健康,树叶是快乐,树枝是吉祥,年年这个时候都结出祝福:圣诞快乐!

4. 平安夜满天星,是我求圣诞老公公给你的祝福。当每一丝星光接触到你的眼光,都将化作轻柔的情呵护你甜梦到天明!愿你度过一个快乐的圣诞节!

5. 有时我忙了,有时我忘了,有时我累了,有时我懒了。但不管怎样我还是记得想你…想你平安想你幸福想你顺利想你快乐。一朵云能飘多久?一阵雨能下多久?一束花能开多久?一脸笑能挂多久?如果问我能祝福你多久?我说:心跳多久,祝福多久。圣诞节快乐!

6. 千言万语道不尽我对你的赞美,万语千言诉不完我对你的感激。圣诞,多情的日子,让我尽情的歌唱吧,圣诞节,在这个永恒的节日,请接受我们真诚的祝福,愿你们身体健康,永远幸福。

7. 把旧尘杂物清理干净,让门窗玻璃增光添亮。把烟花炮竹准备就绪,将庭院街口雪花清除。迎接圣诞老人的悄临,接纳吉安如意幸福。愿你圣诞节愉悦开心!

8. 岁月悠悠,时光如流,恰是怀念最多时,且寄予无限的祝福,祝圣诞快乐!

9. 白雪绽放了吉祥花,圣诞树结出了如意果,好运染红了圣诞帽,欢笑引来了圣诞老人,送你一份礼物让你幸福常在,送你一份祝福愿你快乐长存。祝你圣诞快乐!

10. 看一场雪在演绎美丽的主角,听一场雪在弹奏洁白的乐章,吻一场雪在珍藏你每一个快乐的瞬间,白色的世界,不会虚伪,白色的世界,我祝你白色圣诞节快乐。

11. 在这时髦的大好日子里,我有万千祝福而无从说起,只想很老土的向你说四个字:圣诞快乐!

12. 诚挚的祝福,穿过刺骨的寒风,伴随吉祥的瑞雪,在欢乐的圣诞,送到你的眼前,愿你在圣诞节来临之际,尽情的狂欢,畅快的豪饮,享受美好快乐的一天!

13. 雪夜的静谧,心灵的沉淀,自由的飞翔,星光的灿烂,美丽的烟花,美丽的心情,幸福的生活,快乐的狂欢,真挚的祝福,平安的夜晚。平安夜,愿你身体健康,幸福平安!

14. 圣诞短信铺天盖地,我怕祝福塞不进去,提前行动占领高地,混个前三也不容易,我要祝你顺心如意,想要咋地就咋地,啥事都能和你心意。圣诞快乐!

15. 雪花在这个季节飞舞,欢声在这个季节飘荡,祝福在这个季节传递,圣诞节,我把快乐装进袜子里,送到你的枕边,愿你吉祥如意;我把吉祥挂满圣诞树,为你点亮好运,愿你圣诞快乐!

16. 春有百花开,秋望月;夏有绿成荫,冬听雪;心中若无烦忧,便是人生好时节。愿朋友晨有甘露,暮有闲悠,梦随心动,心随梦求!圣诞快乐,一生平安!

17. 我愿寒冬为你嘘寒问暖,让你温暖如春天;我愿平安夜与你相伴,寂寞如烟;我愿一年有个圣诞,天天有礼物藏在你的袜间,不信熏不晕你!圣诞快乐!

18. 天寒地冻,圣诞来到;爱护身体,悉心照料;坚持锻炼,健壮如虎;早睡早起,睡眠足充;吃好喝好,幸福无数;心情愉悦,快乐舒服;圣诞节,祝君健康,平安幸福!

19. 圣诞节,送你三块巧克力:第一块德芙—望你得到天下所有的幸福;第二块金帝—祝你在金色年华过着帝王的生活;第三块吉百利—祝你吉年百事顺利!

20. 我向圣诞老人许了愿,我希望不管你的脚多臭,在明早当你穿起袜子时,等收到我托圣诞老人带给你的满满的祝福,暖暖你的心和脚丫子。

21. 圣诞节踮着脚尖,轻快地走来,请迎着她轻轻地,轻轻地说出你心中的期待!

22. 圣诞节不送礼,发条短信祝福你;健康快乐伴着你;万事如意随着你;天下好运追着你;各路财神盯着你;美酒佳肴候着你;飞黄腾达由着你!

23. 铃声儿,叮当;圣诞歌,清扬;圣诞老人从天而降。霓虹灯,点亮;圣诞树,闪光;圣诞节祝福美妙吉祥!浪漫美好圣诞节,瑞祥好运伴身旁!

24. 鲜花买不起来送你,烛光晚餐花不起来请你,钞票攒不起来给你,但愿在没有鲜花烛光钞票的圣诞节里,我的一丝微笑和诚挚的祝福能给你带来快乐。

25. 一份小小的贺卡,一声亲切的问候,愿你,佳节快乐,圣诞开心!

26. 希望圣诞祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。

27. 开心辞典:为什么圣诞会在冷飕飕的冬季?答案:因为你需要我的陪伴。为什么平安夜会在漫长的深夜?答案:因为你需要我的祝愿。愿朋友圣诞节快乐!

28. 为了响应环保,节省纸张,在圣诞节不要送我圣诞卡了,请直接在尽可能大的纸币上写你的祝词就行了。

29. 圣诞到,鹿儿跑,铃儿响叮当;雪花飘,鸟儿叫,树儿尽妖娆;床起早,梦醒了,我的祝福已来到:花儿为你开,心儿为你摘,所有幸福为你来。

30. 以往的圣诞都是灰色的,今年有了你,一切都变得不同,我的世界一下子变得豁然开朗多姿多彩,我衷心地谢谢您。