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Making friends is a skill like many other skills. It improves with practice. If you want to meet people and make friends, you must be willing to take some actions. You must first go where there are people. You won’t make friends staying home alone. Join a club or a group. Taking with those who like the same things as you do is much easier. Or join someone in some activities. Many people are nervous when talking to new people. After all meeting strangers means facing the unknown. And it’s human nature to feel a bit uncomfortable about the unknown. Most of our fears about dealing with new people come from doubts about ourselves. We imagine other people are judging us of finding us too tall or to short, too this or too that. But don’t forget that they must be feeling the same way. Try to accept yourself as you are and try to put the other person at ease. You’ll both feel more comfortable.

Try to be self-comfident even if you don’t feel that way. When you enter a room full of strangers, such as a new classroom, walk tall and straight, look directly at other people and smile.

If you see someone you like to speak to, say something . don’t wait for the other person to start a conversation.

Just meeting someone new does not mean that you will make friends with that person-friendship is based on mutual liking and “give and take”. It takes time and effort to develop.






With the help of the Internet, shopping is not a difficult job. Just click your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn't step out of the room. It seems easy and quick. But there's always a trap online. If you are careless, it will bring you some trouble. You may find the color of the article is different from what you want, or the size is either too small or too big. If you want to be different, you'd better not buy clothes online. Once you put on the clothes you bought online and go out, you will find many people wear the same clothes in the street.

With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, shopping on the Internet has become a commonplace in our life. Here consumers can buy almost everything they need.Shopping on the Internet has a lot of advantages, of which the most important is perhaps its convenience. People don't have to waste a lot of their energy and precious time to go from one shop to another to choose the commodities they like. This is especially desirable to the old, the sick and the busy people who cannot go to the shops in person. The goods come in all shapes, sizes and colors on the Internet. All they need to do is to sit in front of their computers and click the mouses. The commodities they order will be delivered to them promptly.

However, shopping on the Internet also has its disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the consumers can't see the goods or try them on personally. Sometimes, the real goods may not be the same as what they have seen on the computer. The second disadvantage is that some shops on the Internet are not registered. They will never deliver anything to you after they get the money from you. Once cheated, you will find that you have nowhere to go to complain.





The modern life is becoming more and more colorful. The Internet is an important part of our life. It makes our life more interesting. Do you know about the most popular Internet tool? It named microblog . It means a small blog. The differences between them are that the micro blog is simpler and more convenient than a common blog. The first microblog website is Twitter. And it’s also the most famous in the world. Now many famous persons in different professions have microblogs such as Han Han, Liu Xiang, Lady Gady, Bill Gates and so on.

Chinese microblog has about five years of history. Though it’s very short,the microblogs in China are popular with young people, especially us students. We students believe that microblog is very useful, we can do many things by using it.

For example, we can get news and information quickly. And we can write our feelings, our sense of life and some small things on it every day just like keeping a simple diary in 140 worlds or fewer. We can enjoy or upload photos, videos and music easily.

What’s more, we can find or create a hot topic, and then talk about the topic with others online. How interesting!

Lots of my classmates and teachers have microblogs. I also like using microblog very much. I often upload my pictures and get some advice from others who can draw well. And it’s also a great way to learn English by using microblogs. We can try to write three beautiful English sentences and then ask someone to modify them and teach us online.

All in all,there are many advantages of using microblogs, this can only give a brief introduction. But remember not to spend too much time on the Internet. Let’s surf the web healthily and grow up happily!

现代生活越来越丰富多彩。互联网是我们生活的重要组成部分。它使我们的生活更有趣。你知道最受欢迎的网络工具?它叫微博。这意味着一个小博客。它们之间的区别是,微博更简单,更方便比常见的博客。第一个微博网站Twitter。也是世界上最著名的。现在很多著名的人在不同的职业有微博如韩寒,刘翔,夫人Gady,比尔?盖茨(Bill Gates)等等。







The longing summer vacation is approaching, it is the best part of the school year for me. I cannot let the holidays elapse (逝去) meaninglessly, my vacation should be a phase (时期、阶段) of harvest. The events in my plan should give me a sense of infinite potential.

The following plan may reveal the intensity of my desire to travel, work and study in this vacation. In the first few days I want to climb Mount Hua Shan with several friends to refresh ourselves. Then I tend to visit relatives, senior school teachers and former classmates(老同学). Besides, to find out the best ways to cultivate my abilities, I will find a part time job and conduct some social investigation.

In short, I want to do interesting things in the summer vacation. Whatever I do, the goal is the same: to get necessary experience, acquire knowledge and broaden my horizons. Though the six week vacation will pass away at lightning speed, its influence is bound to last long.





Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. In the modern age, people attach more importance to relations and connections. A man of charisma has many friends. His power lies in his ability to give.The term, friend, covers a wide range of raeanings. It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a confident, a partner, a playmate, a brother, an intimate etc.

As life is full of strife and conflict, we need friends to support and help as out of difficulties. Our frinods give us warnings against danger. True friends share not only joy but, more often than not, they share sorrow.

With friendship, life is happy and harmonious. Without friendship, life is hostile and unfortunate. I have friends in the rank and file. Some are rich and in power. Some are low and common. Some are like myself, working as a teacher, reading and writing and content with the simple life we have. To many of my friends, I know what to treasure, what to tolerate and what to share, I will never forget my old friends and keep making new friends. I will not he cold and indifferent to the poor friends and will show concern for them, even if it is only a comforting word.