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Last  summer vacation,my family and I went to Qingdao by train. There was always  sunshine and fresh air,which made us so comfortable. We went to the seaside,the  sea was as blue as the sky, and bathing in the sunshine on the beach, was really  an enjoyable thing.I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little  sister. There we bought many interesting souvenirs, I was planing to send them  to my friends. We ate many tings there,such as fish,prawn, and so on. They are  very delicious. Then we lived in a clean and tidy hotel, and the price was not  so e_pensive. I like Qingdao very much, and if I got a chance, I hope to come  here again, it is such a beautiful and interesting place.



In  recent years, more and more citizens here would like to travel abroad. In 1995,  the number of people who would like to travel abroad was 10000, which increased  to nearly 40000 in 20__. And in 20__, the number further climbed above 12,000.  there are several reasons for the shocking rise.

the  improvement of the economic conditions is probably the main reason for it.  People do not need to worry about their diet and various other necessities.  After visiting famous scenic spots throughout our country, the citizens’ taste  has changed, with support of enough finance.

Moreover,  enhancement of personal capacity is becoming more and more a requirement for  those who want to make GREater success.

With  the development of economy and technology, citizens begin to take advantage of  different foreign products as well as education. Since most citizens have got  used to their life at home, traveling abroad becomes one of the easiest ways to  have direct contact with e_otic cultures.

Many  advantages as traveling abroad may bring to us, it may also bring about many  disadvantages. For instance, there are many elites who have ever traveled abroad  may be attracted by the nicer living and researching conditions abroad and thus  never return, which is really a pity to our nation.

Comparatively  speaking, traveling abroad is a serious decision to make. Maybe, look before you  leap is better.


As  for this essay, I want the person who likes travel to read. And, I also want the  person who yearns to the solitary journey to read.

I  like travel very much. I often go to travel. It meets a lot of people when  traveling. It can touch not only the person but also the region. Therefore, it  comes to want to go even times how many.

I  was traveling and all the people met had a very warm mind. It was very kind.  There is a person who taught variety of land, too. I do not think meeting with  two another degrees in the person. However, I do not think that I forget.  Because, The reason is that there are a lot of very good memories.

Therefore,  travel is not stopped. It went to not only the country but also foreign  countries. The communication of the intention can have been done with the person  in the country though the word did not run well. However, I thought that the  handicap of the word was large. I thought it was good if the word could be  understood more many times. Therefore, I think that I should study the language  study more. It can meet the one different according to the land when traveling.  The tourist spot is, and there is a lot of one not so either. There are a lot of  very good points of the place taught to the person in local. Therefore, it is  always made to speak. I have not traveled still alone. I want to go out to  travel alone sometimes. How about you? Traveling with someone is also good.  However, I yearn to the solitary journey very much. It is not, and yearns for  the destination to free travel. I want to go out to unrestrained travel some  time.

Finally,  I yearn to the solitary journey. However, I do not hate tour travel. I think  that there is a merit also in the tour. I think that traveling with the person  who does not know also has the enjoyment. However, I like independent tour more.  Which do you like?





I chose a small island country on the Pacific Ocean. This option is not to not elected, so had to choose a casually. Very early to go abroad to play, but to the time to consider where, but often at a loss. Feel that want to go, and that should go to a paradise-like place, to escape the world, had their own comfortable and breathtaking life ... ... even if the world is great, but can accommodate your body, or not much. So, travel is also limited, not just human and financial resources, and your desire. You want to travel, you will find what kind of paradise.

I am not a fantasy to adventure, but now there is no such opportunity to look at the foreign world. I heard that the sky is very blue in Japan, the Italian Leaning Tower is beautiful, Australia's beach is very clean, but I did not have the opportunity to go out and see for himself. When friends know that I have not passed the country, they are surprised, "is not it? You have not been abroad?" Go abroad, in the now global society which is not difficult, but do not know why, that is, Did not go out ...

"Miss, please do not rely on the bookshelf!" Oh, I do not know what they are still in the Bookstore it Watching the staff a bit helpless and a little angry look, I quickly grabbed the "world tour" rushed to the cashier.

Holding the book out of the center of the bookstore. Sunny sunshine, stretched a lazy waist. Think that has just made a long dream, those things are also true magic, the world suddenly in that dream has become very small, very real ... ...

Home can not wait to read the book, is the night, then with the wonderful vision of Europe, into sleep.

Woke up the next day and found everything as old. Just the bed of the book on the cover of the "World Tour" four characters, still shining in the sunshine.

Days or to have, as for my trip to the world, then talk about it


A blink of an eye, we came to the first attraction - Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. "Comrades, we are here!" I do not know when the Western witch put on a tour guide. The original bloated body was relatively tight hoop, people could not help but think of a delicious rice balls. Everyone shook his face, showing a painful, slightly angrily said: "You are not the moment of the wolf fly UFO, open so fast doing! Do not you know the blanket blanket will be blanket? Vomit ... ... "Western witch swallowed a spit, with a handkerchief to sweat the face sweat, said:" forget, you do not vomit, and I will not pay attention to the next time Well! Here, I'll tell you about It is the first imperial mausoleum in Chinese history, the crystallization of hard work and wisdom of our working people, is a treasure house of historical civilization. Qin Shihuang mausoleum in all feudal emperor mausoleums, which is located in the north of Lishan, 30 kilometers east of Xi'an. In 1961 by the State Council announced as the first batch of key cultural relics protection units; in 1987 by UNESCO included in the World Cultural Heritage protection directory, become the common wealth of all mankind. 2002 Qin Shi Huang Ling won the national '5A' class tourist attractions ... ... "see the broadness of the Sherlock Holmes found the problem. He took the big pipe, smoked a few mouthfuls, but also crashed on the ground with a crutch, said: "wrong! Is '4A' class tourist attractions!" Western witch scratching the back of the head, like a child made a mistake, Carefully said: "I'm sorry, I will pay attention next time! Next, let us to the vastness of the universe to play a good play! Please sit on the blanket!" Only heard "wind" is heard, everyone And was involved in the vortex ...

Everyone slowly opened his eyes, dazzling sunshine struck everyone's eyes, presented in front of a vibrant scene: the air flying countless birds. The feathers fell from their body down, quietly fell on the ground, paved a colorful carpet. The clouds in the air from time to time flying birds hit pieces, into a root of white feathers, falling to the ground ... ... Western witch looked at this fairyland scene, touch the scene, excitedly said: "wings The star is born at the same time as the earth, and its size is almost twice the size of the earth. Everything in the feathers is made of feathers Well, you see, the tree in the distance is the 'wings of the tree'. The branches are covered with feathers, only feathers knot fruit to give birth to the birds.It is the source of life, as long as it fell, the feather wings will disappear from the universe ... ... "Pippi went to the side, thinking: What good to say! Rory it! If it were not for the invitation of Dorothy, I would not come! Thinking about, Pippi went to a giant bird feet. See it is guarding a worn jug, then the heart of doubt: is not a jug it! Why do you want to send such a big bird guard? Hard to have a god inside No, I have to put forward a clear. "Bird big brother, why do you want to guard this old jug?" Pippi afraid it can not hear, shouted loudly. Bird brother lowered his head, said to Pippi: "According to ancestors predicted that another 10 seconds the jug will show signs of life, so the chiefs sent me to guard the jug. You see ... ..." Pippi Jar looked, it moved a few times, flew into the air, with wine wrote nine characters: Thank you! I have life! Write it, then disappeared without a trace. Pippi could not believe his eyes. She ran back and told everyone what she saw. The Western witch listened and held his chin and said, "I have heard of this thing! As long as a man of a man appears, the jar will show signs of a statement." It seems that Pippi is the kind of man! " Big eyes, refused to believe that the Western witch said everything. Immediately, everyone was once again involved in the vortex


I had a good time during this spring festival.thought theweather was very cold,I still went travelling to beijing with my family.

We got there on feb.13,so we had a big dinner at the hotelon New Year's Eve with strangers over all the city.then,we watched the SpringFestival Gala Evening that night.

The next day was the beginning of New Year ,it was cold.butwe kept a happy mind all day.because we had a chance to Wangfujing Street.As weknow,it is the most famous commercial area in Beijing.

So we went shopping there and bought many presents .whatwas more,i even ate beijing duck.is was so delicious that we could not forgetit·s good taste until we went back home.

I had a good holiday this time.


I  took a trip to Shanghai with my mother during the seven-day holiday. It took us  more than two hours to drive to Shanghai from my home in Haimen. We stayed in a  large hotel on the eighth floor. On the first day, I just stayed in the hotel  and rested. On the second day, my brother and I went to Nanjing Road. It’s the  busiest street in Shanghai. When we got there, there were lots of people. We  walked from one shop to another. I bought two T-shirts and two pairs of trousers  for the ing summer. The T-shirts and trousers I bought are all white because  white is my favourite colour. My brother also bought some clothes. On the third  day, my mother took me to Jinjiang Entertainment Centre. It was full of people.  I played many kinds of gamesthere. I had a good time. The other days, I went to  some other interesting places, such as the Oriental Bright Pearl TV Tower, the  Huangpu River and Shanghai International Conference Centre. I didn’t forget to  do my homework in the evening. I had a full and happy holiday.