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Spring  is coming quietly by waking up everything slightly. All the creatures come back  to life and start to grow. How wonderful the spring is! The rivers are running  happily. The swallows are flying back from the south and singing. Meanwhile,  some cute animals are busy with their new houses. And the sun shines brightly,  directly to our frozen hearts. Everything is kissed by gently breeze. Listen!  There are thousands of blossoms muttering with each other, giving off fragrance  in the air. What colorful and harmonious scenes!

Spring  is the beginning of the year which gives us energy and uncountbale chances. As  teenagers, we must take advantage of the significant opportunity to realize our  dreams. And we should keep it in mind that no pains,no gains. That is to say,  the more we do, the better we will be.Thomas Alva. Edison ever said, "Our  greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is just to  try one more time."Under no circumstances should we give up our goals. No matter  what happens, we are supposed to persist our dreams until the end of our life.  In addition, we should be optimistic. Do not erase all the progress you have  made due to one mistake.

As  the proverb put it, "Good beginning is half done." Please let us cherish the  short spring, and make our dream come true.


假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning  Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需要书面预约,请按下列的要求写一封信:1.本人简介 2.求助内容 3.约定时间 4.你的联系方式(Email:  lihua@1236.com ; Phone:12345678)

范文:  Dear Sir ,

I’m  LiHua , a Chinese student taking summer course in your university . I’m writing  to ask for help . I came here last month and found my courses interesting .But I  have some difficulty with note-taking and I have no idea of how to use the  library . I was told the learning center provides help for students and I’m  anxious to get help from you. I have no class on Tuesdays mornings and Friday  afternoons . Please let me know which day is ok with you. You may email or phone  me . Here are my email address and phone number :lihua@1236.com ; 1234567.

Look  forward to your reply .

Yours  ,

Li  Hua



Last  summer holiday, I took a trip to Yunnan. It is in the southern part of our  country .It is really a very beautiful place grand mountains, clean rivers and  kind people. Trees and flowers are seen everywhere. Every year there are lots  and lots of visitors.

Maybe  you have heard about Shi Lin . There are all kinds of strange stones. Some of  the small stones look like graceful girls; and the big stones look like handsome  men. Other stones look like cats, peafowls, double-edged swords, mice, elephants  and so on. Of all the stones, the stone like a beautiful girl in a legend is the  most famous .Its name is A Shima.

I  also went to Li Jiang. The roads in that city are just like the Eight Diagrams.  Any road in the city goes to the center of Li Jiang. A river runs through the  whole city. If you go along the river, you'll never get lost. There are many  ethnic minority people in Yunnan. They are very cordial. And they all like  singing and dancing. We danced with them around the campfire that night. I  really had a good time.

I  like the elephants and fruits there best. An elephant is even taller than me! I  even mounted the elephant, though I was very afraid at first. But the elephant  seemed very friendly. I took some photos with it. The fruits there are very  fresh and delicious. They are very good for our health.

The  trip to Yunnan impressed me greatly. I will never forget it.











参考范文:(a  sample version by Yoohoo, 126 words)

We  have recently held a class meeting to discuss the pressure upon everyone of us  Senior Three students. At the meeting everyone expressed their own opinions on  how to get relieved from pressure.

Pressure  comes from all around: from the heavy load of learning, from the fierce  competition, from teachers, and from parents. Pressure may affect our studies if  there’s too much of it. However, if taken positively, a certain amount of  pressure may help push us ahead.

Whenever  I find there’s too much pressure, I choose to work out or listen to some light  music, which seems to be quite effective. There are many approaches to getting  oneself relieved when pressure accumulates. I strongly recommend that when you  feel much too stressed, you stop whatever you are doing, get out into the open,  take a deep breath, and start thinking of something positive.

I  am very disappointed not to be able to go to see a film with my friends, to play  my favorite musical instrument, or to watch TV with my family in the evening. I  have to sit at desk and do my homework, which can not be finished until  midnight, I'm tired of doing much homework, get bored at taking so many exams,  and lose interest in studying.

Teachers,  please get rid of homework and examinations. Examinations are nothing but  anxiety-makers. Homework is nothing but interest-killers.

Teachers,  we can learn more outside the classroom. Classroom gives us limited kinds of  information. We can only learn some dead knowledge from the books.Teachers,  please set us free, and let us learn more outside the classroom

from  the environment, from TV, from private study or from our friends.

My  dear teachers, can you hear me? Please lighten the burden on students.(


We  are now living in a common home. That is the earth. She provides us with enough  food, enough water and enough living room. So we must do everything to protect  her. There are lots of big or small, red or green, beautiful gardens around us  .But there are still some other lands bare of grasses or trees on the earth.

Some  people may ask why not led all lands covered with trees, flowers and grasses?  Why not prevent the lands from being desert? Why not prevent the air from being  polluted? And why not prevent the earth from being poisoned? Yes! Our  environment is being polluted faster than nature and man’s efforts can prevent.  Time is bring us more people, and more people will bring us more industry. So  many trees will be cut down, and more large cities will be set up. Lots of waste  material, in return, is produced and harms the environment. So some experts  declare that the balance of nature is being destroyed. The survival of man is in  danger.

We  feel really sad about it. What can we do to solve this problem? We must forbid  cutting down trees and forbid killing animals and pouring waste water into  rivers and so on. We’ll never destroy the balance of nature. Let’s get along  well with all animals. Let the trees, flowers and grasses come back to our home.  Because we have only one home --- the earth.





My English Learning Method

I like English. I think I can share my English learning method with you. First of all, develop interest on English. My way to make it is to watch movies from abroad. At first, I will watch the movie with subtitle. Then I will remove the subtitle, only English left. Gradually, show great interest in English. Secondly, recite vocabularies. Vocabulary is the necessary foundation to start learn English. This time you have to force yourself to remember words. Thirdly, understand basic grammar thoroughly. It is hard for me to understand the meaning of a sentence if I don’t know the basic grammar. Last but not least is to speak more. The basic purpose to learn a language is to communicate. So talk in English as much as you can. And don’t worry about losing face, because everyone makes mistakes. Those are my methods.