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The lecture apparently disproves what is argued in the reading material. According to the passage … However the professor asserts that a closer scrutiny of this argument would reveal how flimsy it is. He then presents several evidences to demonstrate his statement.


To start with, the professor claims that the reading passage fails to take into account that…

Therefore, the assertion of the author seems too absolute since other possibilities could not be eliminated by any current evidence.


Furthermore, the passage assumes that…. The professor, however, suggests that this assumption may not be merited by the evidence. Say, ….. The contradiction is obvious here when … . On the basis of this point the lecture explicitly refutes the passage.


Last but not the least, the passage may be right about …., but one critical fact is being left out of consideration. Pointed out by the professor, the author totally neglects the truth that… On account of above-mentioned grave mistakes, the author’s assertion turned out to be a preposterous idea.


In conclusion, based on the arguments offered above, the professor clearly identifies the defects in the reading passage and forcefully shows that…


文中至少有一个举例形式,如果实在用不到上面句型,可以用转述凑字数:In other words, that is to say, …


The reading assumes that…, a situation that seems to be at odds with … 与…是矛盾的


One of the best ways for parents to help their teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take the part-time job. 父母帮助青少年为成人生活做好准备的最好方式之一是鼓励他们做兼职,是否认同? (2009年10月24日)

托福写作立场 鼓励成长中的年轻人从事兼职工作是帮助学生为成人生活做好准备的有效方式之一。



1. 鼓励年轻人做兼职,在教育方面,最直接的利好就是年轻人体味经济独立的成就感,同时,懂得赚钱很辛苦,懂得谋生的的坚辛。

2. 做兼职的经历可以帮助年轻人扩大交友圈。例如,叔叔保罗在大学期间做了很多份兼职,这帮助他建立了良好的人脉资源,工作中结实的好友为他后来克服事业中遇到的障碍提供了帮助。

3. 年轻人做兼职可以加深他们对于社会的洞察,提高他们的社会意识,使他们明确人生奋斗的目标,当他们回归校园的时候,他们会加倍努力学习。以我为例,我在暑假的时候曾经为旅行社做兼职导游,工作中的辛苦使我懂得只有精进专业才华才能为未来的竞争增加砝码,因此,在我回到课堂的时候,我更加勤奋学习。


1. 兼职工作可能占用宝贵的时间,这些时间可以用来学习或者健身。

2. 年轻人不成熟,没有经验,不能抵御成人世界的诱惑,因此,他们可能被引入迷途。

3. 就学生的能力而言,学生们很难满足相关企业的要求,因此,难以找到合适的工作。





1. take up part-time jobs = engage in part-time jobs = embark on part-time jobs = work as a part-timer v 从事兼职

2. ready oneself for future career challenges yet not come v 为没有到来的未来挑战做好准备

解析:ready v 做好准备

3. get to know the hardship of earning a living v懂得谋生的艰辛

4. to be economically independent v经济独立

5. to make some pocket money v 赚零花钱

6. serves a valuable educational function v 在教育方面有积极的作用

7. can easily lose enthusiasm for their studies v 失去学习的兴趣

8. have deeper insight into the society v对于社会有更加深刻的洞察

9. know what they desire to achieve in life v 懂得生活的目标

10. lighten the financial burden of the family v缓解家庭的财政负担

解析:reduce = lighten v缓解

11. strengthen the awareness of self-protection v 增强自我保护意识

12. Teenagers can acquire the growth experience by having light and paid part-time work 通过做简单的付费的工作,青少年可以获得成长的经验。


1. The most important educational benefit of encouraging students to work as part-t timer is that it could enable the young to recognize that money doesn’t grow on trees and thus foster their thriftiness. 鼓励学生做兼职的最重要的教育方面的利好在于这使年轻人懂得赚钱很辛苦,进而培养节俭的美德。

解析:money doesn’t grow on trees v赚钱辛苦

2. The experience of working as part-timers could help the youngsters to enlarge their circle of friends. 兼职的经历可以帮助年轻人扩大交友圈。

解析:enlarge one’s circle of friends v扩大交友圈

3. My uncle had established well-connected interpersonal network via taking up part-time jobs, therefore,he had many friends to help him tear down the barriers on the career road. 叔叔通过兼职,建立了良好的人脉资源,因此,很多朋友帮助叔叔克服事业中遇到的困难。

4. Taking up some part-time jobs helped me foster the sense of independence and learn to resolve unexpected crisis. They are important for my future life. 兼职培养了我的独立性,使我学会危机处理,这些对于我的未来很重要。

5. I mastered more interpersonal skills, improved the social awareness and made a lot of new friends. 我更多地掌握了人际沟通技巧,提高了社会意识,也结交了很多好友。

6. After I have returned to my class,I studied even harder. 在我回到课堂以后,我更加勤奋学习。

7. Part-time job experience might take up too much precious time, which can otherwise be used to serve the academic purpose or build up one’s physique. 兼职的经历也许占用了宝贵的时间,这些时间可以用来学习或者健身。

8. The study will be delayed and disadvantaged. As for students, the priority should be given to the knowledge acquisition. 学业会被耽误, 对于学生而言,主要的任务还是学习。

解析:disadvantage v 使处于不利地位


9. So immature and inexperienced are the youngsters that they cannot resist the temptation of the adult world, in this sense, it is highly possible for them to be led astray. 年轻人不成熟,没有经验,不能抵御成人世界的诱惑,因此,他们可能被引入迷途。

解析:so …… that …… 如此 …… 以至于 ……

10. As far as the student’ competence is concerned, it is extremely challenging for them to meet the requirement of the relevant enterprises 就学生的能力而言,学生们很难满足相关企业的要求。

11. As for those who are in the formative years,it is unwise to deny the merits of embarking on occasional jobs, however,this growth should be acquired during the summer or winner vacations. 对于成长中的年轻人而言, 否定做兼职的利好是不明智的,但是学生们可以在在寒暑假获得这种成长的经历。

12. It is preferable to strike a proper balance between academic study and part-time jobs. 在学习和兼职工作之间寻求一种平衡是可取的。


Some people think that it is better to finish a project completely and then do another project than do two or more projects at the same time,do you agree or disagree? 有人认为优先完成一项任务要比同时完成两项或者多项任务要好,是否认同?


解析:A is superior B ……优越于……



1. 人的精力和时间是有限的,无论学习和工作,我们追求应该是勤奋高效。广泛涉猎,难免蜻蜓点水,集中优势的精力,完成一项手边的任务,才能提高工作的效率,增加内心的成就感。例如,很多创业企业家的事业都是靠着点滴积累,将企业发展的宏观战略分解成为一个个小的目标,慢慢实现了企业的持续发展和盈利。

2. 当完美地完成一项工作的时候,心灵的成就感同时可以增强做接下来的工作的信心,这种信心会帮助形一种在工作方面良性的循环,进而激发一个人做其他事情的热情。对比的是,如果两项或者多项的工作一起来做的,难免会降低效率,或互相影响, 尤其是两项工作没有必然的相互的联系的时候。例如,我在复习托福考试的过程中,我的感受是单项学习要比多项学习的效果更佳。




1. What we should pursue is industriousness and efficiency 我们应该追求的是勤奋和高效。

拓展:industrious = diligent = hard-working adj 勤奋的

解析:pursue v追求(抽象名词)

2. with macro and strategic foresight 具有宏观和战略眼光

拓展:foresight = vision n眼光

3. find it hard to do sth v 发现做……是很难的事情

4. it is no easy task to do sth 做……绝非容易的事情

解析:task n 任务(强调艰巨性)

5. doing sth is never without its reasons 做……并非没有理由

解析:is never without= have v拥有

6. concentrate on one single task v集中精力完成一项工作任务

7. zero in on one thing v专注于一件事情

8. complete a task at one time = finish a task at one time= fulfill a task at one time v一次完成一项工作

解析:at one time 一次

9. …… can greatly enhance the efficiency of working …… 可以提高工作的效率

10. only apply oneself to one task v仅仅专注于一项工作

11. instill confidence into one’s heart = indoctrinate confidence into one’s heat = boost one’s self-confidence v帮助一个人树立自信

解析:indoctrinate v灌输……

12. kindle one’s interest of doing sth v激发某人做……的兴趣

拓展:kindle = ignite = generate v点燃(激发)

13. stimulate one’s motivation of doing sth v激发某人做……的动力

14. form a kind of benign cycle v形成一种良性的循环

15. in most cases 多数情况下

16. under some special circumstances 在一些特殊情况下

17. proceed to undertake the next task v继续做下一个工作

18. strengthen one’s inner sense of fulfillment v增强内心的职业成功感

拓展:strengthen = enhance = intensify v增强

19. it is a must to do sth 做……是必须的事情

解析:must n 必须要做的事情

20. at times = sometimes adv 有时候

解析:at times 有时候为个性表达,词汇亮点