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之所以称它们为“小词”,是因为这些词常常是我们所“熟视无睹”的小玩意,同学们对它们还没有足够的重视。孰比知,用好了十个小词的效果绝对要比用十个大词、难问好得多。现在,您品一下这十个词:Challenge,Share,Instead,Manage,Afford,Rather,Ever,Available,Else,involve. 这十个词不仅词意丰富,而且用法多样,下面为您详细地介绍一下它们的常句式,并配有一些例句。


(1)Challenge sb to do sth 。向…挑战,邀请…比赛

They challenge us to a swimming contest.

(2)to give (accept) a challenge ( 接受 ) 挑战


(1)Share 部分,分

Everybody ought to have his proper share.

(2)Share 参与、贡献

I had no share in the mater.

(3)Share (with,between) 分配,共有

They shared the profits between them.

I will share with you in the undertaking.


(1)instead 代替

If you cannot go,let him go instead.

(2)instead of 代替

I will go instead of you.


(1)manage to do 完成,达成

We finally managed to get there in time.

(2)manage with 办事,处现事务

We can‘t manage with these poor tools.

(3)manage on 生活,过活

How will she manage with her husband gone.


(1)afford to do 足以承担

I cannot afford to pay such a high price.

(2)afford 产生

Reading affords pleasure.


(1)would rather do 宁愿

He said he would rather stay at home.

(2)rather than 宁愿

I had rather dance than eat.


(1)ever 曾经

Have you ever been there?

(2)ever 究竟

Why ever didn’t you go.

(3)ever 如果

If the band(乐队)ever plays again,we will dance.

(4)ever so=very

Thank you ever so much.


(1) available 通用的,有效的

The season ticket is available for three months.

(2)available 可用的,可达到的


(1)else 此外,别的

Where else did you go?

(2)else 否则,不然

Hurry,else you‘ll be late.


(1)involve 包括

Housekeeping involves cooking, washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning.

(2)involve 使陷于

One foolish mistake can involve you in a good deal of trouble.

(3)involve 使纠缠,使难得

A sentence that is involved is hard to understand.

(4)involve 包围

Clouds involved the hilltop.


Some people believe that if people are on vacation, they should leave their mobile phones at home ,to what extent do you agree or disagree? 有人认为人们在度假的时候应该把手机留在家里,你是否认同?

托福写作立场 人们在旅行的时候,携带手机是利大于弊



1. 手机的一些功能可以给旅行提供具体的帮助,例如手机的APP地图软件,就可以帮助游客在谋生的城市,准确定位,及时找到目的地。同样,游客们可以使用手机预订机票和酒店。

2. 携带手机可以随时和家人朋友保持联系,尤其是在发生紧急事件的时候。

3. 手机本身具有强大的娱乐功能,可以作为旅途中一种消遣的方式。例如,我在旅行的时候,喜欢使用手机听歌、照相和刷微信。




1. Vacation is a time for relaxation 度假是为了放松。

2. People’s preferences differ greatly in determining whether or not it is advisable to take a cell phone when they take a few days off in some hot scenic spots. 在一些热门的旅游景区度假的时候,是否携带手机,人们的喜好差异很大。

解析:People’s preferences differ greatly in determining whether or not it is advisable to do sth 关于是否做……是明智的,人们的喜好不同。

3. As for me,the merits of taking a phone outweigh its possible demerits. 对于我而言,我认为携带手机的利大于弊。

解析:the merits of …… outweigh its possible demerits ……的利大于弊

4. Taking a cell phone can help us keep in touch with our family members and friends, especially in time of emergency. 携带手机可以帮助我们和家庭成员和朋友保持联系,尤其是在发生紧急情况的时候。

解析:in time of …… 在……的时候

5. When spending holiday, people usually choose to visit some unfamiliar cities or countries,if they take a cell phone, then ,they can deal with crisis easily 度假的时候,人们喜欢选择陌生的城市和国家,如果他们携带手机,那么,他们很容易危机处理。

解析:if …… then …… 如果…… 那么……

6. Taking a mobile phone is of great necessity for us because it is a good source of entertainment 携带手机对于我们是必要的,因为,手机是很好的娱乐的源泉。

解析:It is a good source of entertainment 这是娱乐的源泉。

7. While travelling, people may have to spend great amounts of time on taking various public transit, seeking hotels or booking tickets,in this sense,using the various cell phone APP softwares can be time-saving and trouble-saving. 度假的时候,人们需要花费大量的时间乘坐公共交通工具,选择酒店,预定机票,因此,使用手机的APP软件可以省时省力。

解析:take various public transit v 乘坐各种公共交通工具

8. The mighty entertainment function of the cell phone can be used as a good stress-reducer. 使用手机强大的娱乐功能,是一种很好的缓解压力的方式。

解析:…… is a good stress-reducer ……是很好的缓解压力的方式

9. Playing on-line games, listening to favorite music or watching humorous movies can an ideal way to relax our bodies and ease our minds.玩在线游戏,听我们喜爱的歌曲,看相关的幽默电影还是理想的方式放松身心。

解析:…… is an deal way to relax our bodies and ease our minds ……是很好的方式来放松我们的身心

10. Indeed,I have to concede that taking cell phones on vacation is never without its demerits 我不得不承认的是,度假时携带手机不是没有其弊端。

解析:is never without 远非没有……

11. Constant phone calls may ruin our holidays不断地接听手机也许会毁掉我们的假期。

解析:ruin our holidays v 毁掉我们假期

12. The purpose of spending holidays is to temporarily to take a rest from stressful and arduous work度假的目的是为了暂时地放下工作中的压力。

解析:stressful adj 压力大

解析:arduous adj 繁重的;费力的

13. It must be quite annoying if an emergent phone call requires us to end our hardly earned vacation. 如果旅行中突然收到公司的业务电话,需要自己结束旅行,也是令人苦恼的

解析:It must be quite annoying if …… 如果……一定是令人苦脑的

解析:hardly earned vacation n 来之不易的假期

14. However, the incidence of this situation is very small because those who are on vacations, in most cases,will perfectly handle their problems in advance.但是,我认为这种情况发生的机会是很小的,因为度假者通常会事先做好工作安排。

15. Overall,I am still convinced that it is wise to take cell phones during the vacation. 总之,度假的时候带着手机是有利好的。

解析:Overall,I am still convinced that …… 总之,我深信……

解析:it is wise to do sth 做……是明智的


Do you agree or disagree: the advertising is the main cause of unhealthy eating habits? 广告是人们不健康饮食的根源?


Do you agree or disagree? Nowadays it is easier to maintain good health than in the past. 是否同意,现在比过去更加容易保持健康?






1. 快餐食品广告会导致人们的不健康饮食。具体而言,现代人,生活节奏快,竞争激励,忙于事业,因此,为节省时间,很多人依赖快餐,但是,过度的糖分,脂肪,热量的摄入必然是有害健康。 因此,快餐广告是人们不健康饮食的根源之一。


1. 不健康的饮食习惯, 例如过度节食,很多年轻女孩喜欢追求苗条身体,很多人认为节食是最好的方法,但是,美丽的代价就是营养不良。

2. 不健康的饮食习惯, 例如暴饮暴食,很多人为了满足食欲,饮食无度, 过度营养物的摄入(例如海鲜类食品)必然是有害健康。


1. Alarmingly, many modern people, especially youngsters, have been suffering from unwholesome eating habits. 令人担忧的是,很多现代人,尤其是年轻人,一直受到不健康饮食的困扰。

2. Conflicting ideas clash in whether or not the advertisement is the root cause of people’s unhealthy dietary habits关于广告是不是人们不健康饮食的根源,人们的观点是矛盾的。

点评:unhealthy dietary habit = unwholesome eating habit n不健康的饮食习惯;

3. In addition to the subtle influence of ads, there are still many other reasons that contribute to people’s undesirable eating habits.除了广告的微妙影响,还有很多的原因导致了人们的不良饮食习惯。

点评:contribute to = give rise to = lead to v 导致……

4. So fierce is the competition and so fast is the tempo of modern life that the vast majority of people nearly have no time available to do the home meal 现代社会,竞争激励,生活节奏快,现代人几乎没有时间回家做饭。

点评:fierce competition n 激励的竞争

5. Eating too much fast food is health-threatening, for fast food contains too much fat, sugar and calorie. 吃了太多的快餐有害健康,因为不少的快餐含有太多的脂肪,糖分和热量。

点评:too much intake of fast food = eat too much fast food v 吃太多的快餐食品

6. To be more precise = more precisely adv具体来讲

7. a rich variety of = various kinds of = manifold adj各种各样的

8. carbonated beverage = carbonated drinks n 碳酸饮料

点评:carbon n碳;beverage n饮料

9. …… is physically detrimental = is health-threatening = undermine one’s health v 有害身体健康(经典三剑客)

10. obesity or over-nutrition n肥胖或者营养过剩


obese adj肥胖的

over-nutritious adj营养过剩的

nutrient n营养品

11. exert a subtle influence on 对于……有微妙的影响(推荐背诵;广告必用)

12. …… is inevitably health- threatening …… 是不可避免地威胁健康

13. food preference or engorgement are still contributing factors of people’s sub-health 偏食和暴饮暴食同样是人们亚健康的原因

词汇:engorge vt. 狼吞虎咽

14. fail to maintain well-balanced diet v不能保持均衡的饮食

15. A great many young ladies are pursing slender figure nowadays, many of them tend to believe that cutting food intake is the best method. Unfortunately, the cost of beautiful look is the mal-nutrition. 很多年轻女孩喜欢追求苗条身材,很多人认为节食是最后的方法,但是,美丽的代价就是营养不良。