Further Study 继续教育生活英语情景对话

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  以下是小编给大家整理的Further Study 继续教育生活英语情景对话,希望可以帮到大家

  Dialogue 情景对话1

  C: Are you looking for a course?

  J: Yes, but I am not sure which one to sign up for?

  C: What kind of programme are you looking for? Full-time or part-time?

  J:I have to work during the day, so I want to find a part-time course that I can do in the evenings.

  C: What kind of course are you looking for?

  J: I need to improve my English.

  C: Do you want a one-to-one private tutor or a group class.

  J: I think a one-to-one course will be too expensive for me, so a group class would be fine.

  C: Have you ever considered taking one of our online courses?

  J: I think I perfer face to face instruction better.

  C: That's fine. If you want, you can sign up for a pre-sessional interview.

  J: What's that for?

  C: One of our qualified teachers will interview you so that they can find a class that suits you best.

  J; Do you have a brochure about the course that I can take home to read?

  C: Sure. Here is a brochure about our English classes that meet in the evenings.

  J: Thanks, I will read through it tonight and get back to you tomorrow to sign up for a course.

  Dialogue 情景对话2

  J: Do many adults take part in adult education programs in your country?

  C: Millions of Americans do every year.

  J: When do they working adults find time to take classes?

  C: They attend classes gesigned especially for working people on weekends or at night.

  J: What do most of those students study?

  C: Some adults are completing high school, college or graduate work.

  J: What about the majority of the adult students in your country?

  C:Most of them are trying to learn new job skills or simply exploring new interests.

  J: What kind of interests?

  C: Many of the studens attend classes in the arts.

  J:If you take a class at the community college, can you get a certificate at the end to prove that you've done it?

  C:Nearly all of the classes will provide you with a participation certificate, but there are some classes taht will also give you a

  professional certificate.

  J: What kind of classes are those?

  C: Most language classes will give you a certificate based on your proficiency in the language. You can also get certificates for things

  like fist aid training.

  J: Have you ever taken a class for further study ?

  C: I usually take a few classes a year.

  J: What kind of classes do you take?

  C: I usually just attend language and dance classes so that I can have fun.