Teamwork 团队合作生活英语情景对话

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  Dialog 情景对话1:

  W:How's your new job?

  M:Relly well,thanks.

  W:How're you finding your new boss?

  M:She's not bad.She is a big boss but I thought she's a user.

  W:Would you rather had her or your old boss back?

  M:She's far better than my old boss.He did not know how to express his opinion without putting one other person's down.

  W:How about your new co-workers?

  M:They are pretty easy going and it's a very friendly place to work.

  W:Do you miss your old worker?

  M:Of course,it spent so much time at my old place but I got to more very well,they are very friendly to me.

  W:SO,peole in different departments get along well with each other.

  M:Sure,since we work together in team,we have to get along well with each other.

  W:Do you like work in team with people from different departments?

  M:Yes,it help everyone to understand what we doing from different perspectives.

  W:Do you like work in team?

  M:I prefer to work independently.I think most people do .

  Dialog 情景对话2:

  M:How'd your interview go?

  W:Pretty well.I don't know if I would get the promotion not but I feel good about it.

  M:If you get your promotion,what would your new title be?

  W:If I get the promotion,I will be a senior engineer instead of assistant engineer.

  M:Will you get a place to?

  W:Whenever you have given a responsibility ,you should get a promotion.

  M:That makes sense.Who interview you?

  W:My boss.

  M:What kind of question did she ask you?

  W:She ask me about my ability to work in a team,and what I thought a good boss should be?

  M:A second one sounds a little different to answer.What did you tell her?

  W:I told her I am a excellent team player and a good boss should treat male or female employees equally.

  M:Those are good answers.How did she react?

  W:She told me that even I become a senior engineer,I had to work with the assistant engineer as a team.

  M:What'd you think about your boss?

  W:She's pretty easy to get along with.She listen to her employees and treat everyone equally.

  M:You're very lucky.NO everyone has such a great boss.

  W:That's true.She's highly demended everyone in my company.

  M:When you find out you get the promotion or not ,let me know.

  W:I will do.