Asking for Directions 问路生活英语情景对话

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  Dialogue 情景对话1

  K: Hi, Austin. I'm just calling to see if you are OK.

  A: I'm fine , but I seem to be a bit lost.

  K: OK, where are you right now?

  A: I have no idea. I don't see any road signs.

  K: Do you see anything around you like a hotel or a restaurant?

  A: There's a bar called "Q Bar" in front of me.

  K: I know where that is. You must be on Queen's Street.

  A: So, have I passed the steet you live on yet?

  K: Unfortunately, you must have passed it a while ago.

  A: I've really got no sense of direction, do I?

  K: Don't worry. I can tell you how to get here. Do you have an up-to-date map in your car?

  A: Yes, I'm looking at one now.

  K: Do you see Queen's Street?

  A: Yes, you can't miss it. I've marked it with my pen.

  K: Good. You need to go back the way you came. Follow it east for about 5 miles. You'll get to a roundabout. Take the first right. Then you'll be on St. James Stesst. Follow that for 3.5 miles, take a right at the second set of traffic lights, and then park your car. My house is the third house on the right.

  A: I think I've got it. But I might have to call you again when I get to your street.

  K: No problem! Drive safely!

  Dialogue 情景对话2

  A: Excuse me, but I'm not form around here. Can you tell me how to get the British Museum, please?

  K: I'm sorry. I'm from out of town myself.

  A: Oh, Have you been to Big Ben yet?

  K: Yes, we went there yesterday.

  A: Would it be pollible for you to tell me how to get there?

  K: That's easy. It's along that road on your right. You can't miss it. There are signs all over the city for Bin Ben.

  A: Thanks, that's helpful.

  K: Do you know where else you should go? The Tate Modern is a great museum, and many of the exhibits are free.

  A: I Wanted to go there this afternoon. Is it far to walk there from Big Ben?

  K: No, you could easily walk there. It's just along the river.

  A: Which side of the river is it on?

  K: If you are in front of Big Ben facing the river, It'll be on your right.

  A: How far is it?

  K: Just follow the walkiing path along the river for about a mile, and you'll see it. I'm going there myself, actually. Let me lead you to Big Ben.

  A: Thanks a lot.

  K: Once you get to Big Ben, you can always ask one of the guards there for directions. They should be able to help you.