Holiday DIY 自助旅游生活英语情景对话

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  Dialogue 情景对话1

  S: So what do you think we should do for our anniversary? Should we stay in a hotel or go backpacking in a park?

  J: I'm too old to go backpacking. Let's saty in a B & B in a scenic spot.

  S: Since the weather is supposed to be nice, why don't we stay at a hotel with an outdoor swimming pool?

  J: That's a good idea. I know of a reasonably priced hotel with a swimming pool that's just a stone's throw away from Hyde Park.

  S: That's an execllent location! It must be one of the only hotels with an outdoor swimming pool in the heart of London!

  J: They're also known for their huge breakfasts that keep you going all day.

  S: We can eat to our heart's content in the morning and then spend the rest of the day in the pool.

  J: Should I call them to make a reservation then?

  S: You might as well see if they have any vacancies. Do they take credit cards?

  J: Let me just check their website to find out.

  S: Well?

  J: Let's see. It says that breakfast is included, car parking is available, taxes are included in the price, there's free internet access, and yes, credit cards are accepted.

  S: Fantastic. Let's book it for Saturday night then. And find out what time we can check in so we can make as much use of the pool as possible!

  Dialogue 情景对话2

  J: I've booked the room for Saturday night.

  S: What time can we check in?

  J: We can check in at 2:00 in the afternoon.

  S: What about check-out?

  J: Check out is at 11:00 a. m. , but you can request a late check-out for an extra £10. Should we do that?

  S: Why not? Then we can sleep in and relax by the pool before we head back home.

  J: Lockers are also available for luggage near the pool facilities, so we could spend the entire afternoon at the pool, even after check-out.

  S: In that case, we won't need to pay for a late check-out.

  J: Let's just wait and see how we feel. We might want to sleep in on Sunday morning.

  S: That's a good deal. How about internet access? Is it available in the rooms?

  J: Unfortunately not. They only offer free internet and WiFi access in the lobby.

  S: That's alright. We won't really need it anyway, will we?

  J: No, I think we'll manage going without internet access for a night!

  S: How are we going to get there? Should we take the bus?

  J: Since they offer free parking, let's just drive.

  S: Ok. What time to do think we should hit the road on Saturday?

  J: If we leave by noon, we should be able to get there by 2:00. What do you think?

  S: Maybe we should leave at 11:00. That way, we'll have time to stop for lunch before we get to the hotel.

  J: 11:00 it is then! Go pack your bags!