City Sightseeing 城市观光生活英语情景对话

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  Dialogue情景对话 1

  T: The May holiday is coming up soon. Are you planning on going on vacation?

  E: I am. I just went to the travel agent's and picked up these brochures.

  T: Where are you planning on going?

  E: I fancy going to Tibet for a few days. Have you ever been there?

  T: I went a long time ago, before they built the new train that can take you there.

  E: Would you recommend going there for a few days?

  T: Personally, I think it'd be better to go when you have more time. A few days isn't really enough to get acclimatize yourself and to go on a few excursions outside of the capital.

  E: You're probably right. What do you think about Yangshuo?

  T: It's a beautiful city, but I think it's become to touristy. How about going to a cosmopolitan caty like Shanghai or Hong Kong?

  E: I'd like to get away from the big city life.

  T: Maybe you should consider going to a hot springs resort outside of Beijing. I heard they are very relaxing.

  E: I guess if I only have a few days, I should probably think about going somewhere that isn't too far away.

  T: Since the May holiday is the high season, You should probably call ahead to reserve a room. Here's the phone number.

  E: Thanks; I'll give them a call later.


  E: Welcome back! How was your vacation?

  T: It was fantastic, but I'm glad to be back! Being a tourist is really tiring!

  E: Where did you end up going?

  T: Because it's off-season, we got a really good package deal to paris, so we went there.

  E: I've always wanted to go to Paris. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world! Did you go to the top?

  T: That was the first thing we did. I have a few pictures. Do you want to see them?

  E: Sure. What's this one a picture of?

  T: Oh, that's a picture of me on our fourth day of travelling. I'm standing next to a famous fountain in the centre of the city.

  E: You don't look very happy in that picture.

  T: No, by that time. I was sick of sightseeing. I had had enough of art galleries, cathedrals, fountains, statues, and palaces!

  E: So what did you do?

  T: We spent that afternoon Wanking around a flea market. We had a few coffees, watched a movie, and went ofr a seim in the pool at the hotel.

  E: My travel agent always reminds me to plan a day of relaxing for every 3 days of sightseeing. did you go to the Louvre?

  T: Of course! You can't go to Paris without going to their most famous art gallery! I was surprised by how small the Mona lisa was though.

  E: That's what everyone says! I can't wait to see it for myself some day.