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  My college life As a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind. At this time, I just can’t tell my real idea. The memory is just like so fresh, and all the things happened yesterday! When first day I came to University, I really feel that the school is very good, but at the first sight of the dormitory, something disappointing come up to me! The condition of the dormitory is really very poor with only one room, no lavatory!

  作为一名大二年的学生,我觉得光阴似箭。回想过去的一年,太多的想法是浮现在我的脑海。现在,我只是不能说出我的真实想法。记忆是如此新鲜,所有的事情就好像昨天发生的一样! 当我第一天踏进大学的校门,我真的觉得,这里很好,可一见到宿舍,令我太失望了!宿舍的条件非常差,只有一间屋子,没有厕所。

  I saw something sad in my father’s eyes, maybe that time he thought of the poor condition! So with a big smile on my face, I told my father” it doesn’t matter, Dad. In this kind of condition, I will get myself better!”

  我在父母的眼中看到了难过,也许那个时候,他认为我们穷就会受到这样的待遇!所以 我就笑了,我对爸爸说“没关系,爸爸。在这样的环境下,我会更好!”

  My father felt better. But when he was coming back, seeing his back, I just wanted to cry! I felt in this city I was just isolated, from that time, I said to myself, “ you have no others who can help you here, just depend on yourself” (AD:Joozone.com)And then I came to my dormitory 303. I considered that I would spend four years here (in fact I moved to another one year later) and my dorm mates are all there. Most of them came from Sichuan and they were chatting with a happy voice, but I can’t understand them! Again, I felt myself isolated! I hated that kind of feeling, and then I said to hello to them! To my surprise they are very friendly to me and warm-hearted!

  我的父亲看到我的样子视乎觉得好些了。但是,当他离开后,我就只想哭!我觉得我在着个城市里孤零零的,从那个时候,我就对自己说, “在这儿,没有人能帮你 ,一切都要靠自己” 后来,我住到了303 。我还以为我会在这个房间度过四年的大学时光(但事实上,一年后我就转到了另一间宿舍)跟我的舍友们同在。他们中的大部分都来自四川,他们的声音很好听可我听不懂。而且,我觉得自己很孤立!我讨厌那种感觉,可是后来他们说我人好!这让我感到惊讶,他们非常友好,也热情!

  I no longer felt afraid. And I got along well with them. But at the first night here, I burst out to tears for that I was missing my family. I don’t know why. Everyday when I was at home, I was just eager to go to school, to experience the wonderful college life but when coming here, I am just eager to go back! It’s quite strange though, you must know this kind of feeling! Just spending about 2 days here, we were on our way to military train. To us, it’s a fresh train and a kind of experience to know the life between the classmates. But to me, I was nervous but excited. This was my first and precious train life because before going to school I have been staying with my family. So, you know, it’s just this kind of feeling I can’t convey it clearly! The train life is impressive on everybody; we had a lot of activities, for example giving a speech on a stage or singing together or playing basketball. At that time, I felt myself so little among them. All of them have a special talent but not me. I admired them but meanwhile jealousy. Why don’t I have this kind of talent? Am I stupid?

  之后我就不再感到害怕了。和我相处的也越来越好了。但第一天晚上住进这里是,我居然流泪了,我是我家人的骄傲。我不知道为什么。每当我在家,我就渴望回学校,去体验精彩的大学生活,但来到这儿,又希望回去!这很奇怪,您必了解我的着种这种感觉! 在这逗留老外大概两天,我们开始军训。这对我们来说,是一个新的训练和体验,体会到同学生活。但对我来说是紧张,但兴奋。这是我的第一次最珍贵的生活体验,因为训练之前我一直一个人留在家里。所以,你知道,这种感觉,我无法表达清楚!这样的训练生活让我印象深刻,我们有很多的活动,例如演讲舞台上或唱或一起打篮球。当时,我觉得自不能完全融入到他们当中了。所有这些有特长,我都不会。我羡慕他们,也嫉妒他们。为什么我不是这样的人?我傻?

  I always said to myself. So that time I was also very ambitious, just eager to catch up with them. Except the classmates, the trainer in our team also left a deep impression on me! He was not very handsome and very kind. Just because of his kindness results in my laughter when training. He always said to me that I should be serious in the team but I didn’t listen to him. So after a long time, when investigating the training result, I gave them a disappointing answer. From Joozone-com.


  The highest trainer sent me to clean the toilet, although, it didn’t means insulting to my dignity, but I was really sad about myself and my heart was hurt. That was a small thing but told me that I need to be serious to one thing. And unhappiness passed, the happy and funny time recalled me that folding the blanket. Yeah, it’s really very funny. Most of us had never folded the blanket and naturally we can’t accomplish the task well. When the monitor came, we pleased him to help us to fold the blanket. To our expect, we managed to persuade the monitor.


  After the monitor finished the task for me. I dared not to touch the blanket again and just used the clothes instead of the blanket. Of course, I felt very cold in deep night, so to my instinct, I crashed into my classmate’s blanket. And we were scratching the single blanket fiercely, just like a war. (Joozone Editors Note:Writing here I can’t help laughing out loudly).



  As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study, student activities, library and the others.


  Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.



  Distinguished teachers, dear classmates:

  Everybody is good! Today, on behalf of my grade (123) in class all the students do the speech. The title of my speech is "I love my campus".

  Time in a hurry and relentless years, I from primary to secondary school, in the two years for many years. In these two years, I from a young girl into a capable of independent thinking, positive enterprising, the class cadre, from a naughty child into a, enquiry one of good students. More main is, in the time went by, I deeper feelings for our school, more strong. In eight months, we're going to junior high school graduation, left the school, how is that possible don't make me want to stay!

  Our campus beautiful and harmonious. When the first sunshine in the morning quietly into the earth, come to the campus, the breeze blowing, I often accompany ear heartily enjoy difficult to describe a comfortable, easy to recite English words, happy to sing a prose poetry. In a beautiful environment, campus all seemed so lively, and my memory is surprisingly good. The joy of the harvest of knowledge, more become a kind of incentive I aggressive power. Is the sun shining through, spread LangLangDe home, national how like groups of jumping notes, play the feelings of our cross-century generation. Diligence knowledgeable and enterprising rushed, become our little the pursuit of every hundred households middle school students.

  Our school is a happy, happy family. "SARS" period, our school as well as all over the country, no matter the leadership, teachers and the students, can be unified understanding, solidarity and cooperation, this will be added to our understanding of the school, the love of the school. In this special day, school leaders and teachers to give our loved ones the care, love, like brothers and sisters, between classmates all this touched me, warm me, made me has a special strong feelings on the school.

  Our school is the cradle of talent. Luliang is scorching July, everything in the world is full of vitality, even the sky rise with hope. This for the small hundred middle school, it is a more excited harvest season. Throughout the county, city, province and even the whole country, all over the world, all walks of life, where there is no little hundreds of families in contributions, where there is no small hundred households middle school graduates?

  Our school is a model of rural junior high school. Far, just in recent years, our school has been advanced provinces, cities and counties as demonstration schools, civilized, last year, and honor to become the secondary school, among the universities. At the same time, our school at the same time, expand the scale of this year and the best school steadily forward, with confidence to fight for the title of provincial green school, this school for every little homes of people is something to be proud of.

  Ilove my campus, I love that spacious classrooms, a vast playground, green lawn, I love my mother more teachers and students of brothers and sisters. In the campus was filled with our laughter, leaving us grow, laid the solid foundation we grow. Students, and the light of hope has been rising on the horizon, let us work hard and forge ahead, put in the little door into the growth of the middle school years we can never forget the memory!










  When you came to my school, the first saw is a pink and white building.

  Beside the teaching building is a large and beautiful flower bed. Yuanwang flower beds, flower beds are colorful flowers, red berries, chrysanthemum, Holly... Gail: what beautiful flowers in the flower bed! Like a beautiful picture, make a person find everything new and fresh, the breeze blowing, flowers nodding, just like in waved to us salute, nod, as if to say: "the classmates, hello!" How fragrant the flowers are in the flower bed! To the sight in the distance you can smell the fragrance, make people relaxed and happy. Leave the flower bed go straight forward, came to the playground, the playground is very big, very smooth, the east there is a row of willows, spring, willow germination, and pale green, make people smell the breath of spring; After the summer, students play, can to the willow tree shade; And yellow leaves of autumn, and a piece of a piece of falling, dancing like a butterfly, as if to tell us, the winter is coming quickly; In winter, the willow tree are covered with snow, it is not afraid of cold, still standing there, like soldiers guarding our campus. North of the playground is the fitness equipment, horizontal bar & parallel bars, and table tennis case, plastic runway is among, there is grass, and conspicuous flagpole, school is going to have a flag raising ceremony every Monday, every time a listen to the national anthem, and looked at the slowly rising national flag, I will secretly determined to study hard, grow up to be a useful person to society.

  Although my campus is simple, but in my heart, it is the most beautiful and the most beautiful!





  The ocean of life, everywhere have happy. It absolutely right, the campus is also discus. Lu xun mentioned "sanwei bookroom", however, many students say that the school is also the three, only the bitter "acid", not "sweet". School, is the place of study, but also bring me a lot of happiness, do not believe, you see!

  Beginning 1: happy teacher

  Alot of people say: "now the elementary school teachers, all of the test version. A than a stern; the assignment to a than a 'good'!" I see that. Look! Our English teacher before, Shirley, she often sing English songs to us, and sometimes play games with us! The teacher happy, no matter what time, smiling. At ordinary times, not singing, in mouth is speaking English children's songs, happy like a bird.

  Prelude to 2: happy activities

  Despite the fact that we have the fifth grade students, in no more than two months, we will face high school, but we still do some meaningful activities. For example, at Christmas, we each classmate, please bring a gift, and then, in the form of the draw, smoke to who, who take the gift. Also, every ten minutes of Friday's team will, every host has their own unique set of, this time playing "subject-predicate bing," play "malan" next time. Every time before host, the host will elaborate a, all wanted us to play to the original GAME.

  Beginning 3: the happy students

  Is not my blather, the partners of our class is very lively, no special introverted students. Although some boys sometimes schadenfreude, but on the whole, they are still very sunlight. Many students is good at telling jokes. They often use "joke" work, accidentally said the wrong thing and have sinned against them, laughing. I found that the friends around us laugh at least three times a day, it may be affected by us this group of "happy"!!!! Remember once, under the class, our class classmate ask WeiGuWen self-proclaimed "chicken", body have? The answer should be "knife and fork," hey, so humorous pistachios, really didn't laugh hard also!

  What a beautiful campus! There is a happy teacher, fun and lively students. Live in the campus, we really pig eight quit to eat keys - happy!