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Directions: Write a letter to the president of your university, suggesting how to improve students’ physical condition.

点评:考试涉及到如果提高学校的图书馆服务(the service in the library)和食堂服务(the canteen service on campus),如何促进学生的身体健康(physical health)和心理健康(mental health)。同时其也折射心理身体健康的话题。根据这个押题,请大家也关注书信体的写法。


Dear Mr. James,

I am one of the senior students in our university. I have recently found that many students are in poor health condition. I am writing this letter for the purpose of providing you with some suggestions concerning the ways to improve our physical conditions.

To begin with, the school should encourage students to do more exercise. With the quickening pace of urban life and ever-increasing pressure, people in growing numbers are suffering from either the physical or mental problems. Doing exercise can relax our mind, which in turn helps concentrate on our academic performance. Furthermore, the mass media such as the radio station and TV program of our school should also join in the efforts in educating the students. We should bear in mind that health always comes first.

I sincerely hope that we can have a better condition in physical and mental health. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming









Floating population draws more attention nowadays.

According to the chart, Guangdong province is of the largest floating population among theseprovincial regions.

Tianjin, Jiangxi, and Chongqing have a relatively small quantity.

What causes the difference?

The reasons may be various.

Firstly, the economic factor plays a dominating role.

From this chart, Guangdong, a leading region economically among all these, is of a floatingpopulation larger than the sum of Tianjin, Jiangxi, and Chongqing’s.

To be more specific, compared with the other provincial regions, Guangdong is a place ofmanufacture, which, to a high degree, is labor-intensive.

In addition, it might be related to the geographic features and land area of a certain region,

which affect traffic possibility and labor demand volume.

Guangdong is a case in point again, since it has better transportation situation and is bigger geographically compared to the restregions here in the graph.

Whatever the reason, the floating has caused many a new issue, not only to floatingindividuals, but to the source and target regions:

How to keep the family life normal and stable?

How to take care of the “left-behind children”?

How to protect the rights of the rural laborers now in urban areas?

How to settle the swelling population in cities?

These have become a social issue asking for urgent solution.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “Internet and Potential Risks”.

点评:关于科技类已经一段时间没有涉及了,个人认为网络的热度并未消除,相反与其相关的内容非常容易考察。比如网络和隐私(Internet and Privacy),网络与危机(Internet and Potential Risks),网络和传统(Internet and the Chinese tradition)。四级可能会出现:Do you prefer to read online or read a traditional book/Do you prefer to shop online or shop in a regular store。


The Internet has penetrated every aspect of daily life and exerted a huge impact on our work and study. For example, Microblogs and Wechat are two forms of new media. Various people, regardless of their age, gender or background, are involved in creating their own microblogs and using Wechat.

There has been much controversy over whether the new technology is a boon or a bane. Some people believe that the Internet is a great asset. Modern technology considerably alters the way people communicate with each other. Also, people can now acquire useful information online with a click of the mouse. However, there is a growing concern about the potential drawbacks of the Internet, especially in terms of personal security. For example, WeChat may expose one’s location to strangers by positioning function, cheat one’s friends by faking identity, and lose one’s money in the electronic wallet.

Owing to the accelerated pace of contemporary life, people’s work and life are increasingly confined to a narrow space. However, in face of new technology, we should be prudent. One should make sensible use of technology, being a master rather than a slave of it.






During the period from 1997 to 2007, the number ofmarriage decreased from 9.51 million to 8.48 million,while the number of divorce rose from 0.8 million to 1.21 million.

We believe that three reasons may account for thisphenomenon.

First, young people of marriage age are becomingfewer and fewer because of the family planning policy adopted sincethe late 1970s.

Second, the current society is one where fierce competition takes place everywhere, and many young people can’t and won’t get married before they embark on a promisingcareer.

Third, today’s people put more and more emphasis on independence and freedom— they won’t get married before they find an ideal partner, and they will not hesitate to say goodbye when the spark of love dies down.

The great change, in my mind, signals the fundamental shift in people’s view on family andmarriage.

This trend will probably continue as contemporary people pay more and more attention tohigh-quality marriage.



经典命题法:the advantages and disadvantages of …

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “the advantages and disadvantages of recreational activities”.

点评:四级考试偏重于说明,关于优缺点类话题非常值得准备。比如:介绍下去图书馆的好处;住校的优缺点;考试的优缺点,兼职(taking a part-time job)的优缺点。


It has been widely noted that recreational activities are of utmost importance in our normal life. We can experience a great many recreational activities on campus. For example, as a member of the school’s tennis club, I enjoy playing tennis with my friends after school.

There are several aspects concerning recreational activities. On the one hand, nowadays, college life tends to be very stressful. However, recreational activities can relax our mind and release our pressure. Also, a student can widen his circle of friends through these activities. One can find friends with the common interest. On the other, there are drawbacks. Excessive recreational activities may interfere with our study. Therefore, students cannot concentrate on their learning and may even fail in the exams.

In conclusion, the recreational activity is just like a double-edged sword. We might bear in mind that it can exert both positive and negative influence on our life. However, we can avoid those undesirable effects, when making full use of it.